Bon Jovi Top Tour Earnings Chart

Outsell the Stones and the Boss.

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Last month, we noted that there were too few rock artists in Forbes' most influential musicians list, which measured success in terms of album sales and social media presence. However, when it comes to tour sales, it seems that rock artists are still the winners.

Pollstar has named Bon Jovi as the most successful tour earner in the past six months, with the band having made $142.1 million in ticket sales. In second place is Bruce Springsteen, with the Rolling Stones rounding out third place.

Yet, while rock acts fill out the top three, established bands such as Eric Clapton, the Who and Neil Young are still being pipped to the post by the pop stars when it comes to live concerts. Those veteran acts, while still selling well, were outsold by Justin Bieber ($69.9m in six months), Pink ($61.1m) and Taylor Swift ($58.5m).

The complete Top 10 Tour Earnings list is:

1. Bon Jovi - $142.1m (ATP*: $95.60) 2. Bruce Springsteen - $103.9m (ATP: $107.19) 3. Rolling Stones - $87.7m (ATP: $346.09) 4. Fleetwood Mac - $59.1m (ATP: $107.80) 5. Paul McCartney - $43.5m (ATP:$129.58) 6. Eric Clapton - $28.4m (ATP: $89.18) 7. Muse - $25.1m (ATP: $56.92) 8. The Who - $23.5m (ATP: $98.36) 9. Neil Young - $19.1m (ATP: $97.88) 10. Dave Matthews - $18.6m (ATP: $55.87)

*Average Ticket Price

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    I'm not a Bon Jovi fan but I'm glad to hear this. They sold their tickets for a reasonable price and still came out ahead of The Stones. It just shows you don't have to rip-off your fans to make a fat wedge.
    I saw The Stones at the 6th July Hyde Park gig. Yes, it was freaking expensive but I got to the very front of 65000 people and had the most amazing time of my life. Yes, they were expensive, but a rip off? Not in my opinion. People who say the tickets are a rip off clearly have never seen the Stones live and don't know what they would be paying for. It's not just another gig. I paid that much for the best night my entire life and I would happily pay more than that because I know how worth it it actually is. Others will disagree, but this is my opinion. And people who say "I didn't pay that much to watch them on a screen only have themselves to blame. Get there early.
    Yes, but the thing is that they don't need the money, the have been set for life since probably 1970 so they don't need that amount of money, also Mick Jagger is 70 now so he must be just doing it for fun instead of retiring so why not do it at a reasonable price. Also it's a battle of the avatars ?
    Well, the Stones do pay a lot more than your average band in gig production, they have a huge band, crew and all kinds of stuff with them, they put on a proper show. I'd rather pay through the nose for a Stones gig than for some stupid shit like an iPhone or whatever.
    You have a point, they definitely don't need the money. But, it's not always the artist that decides the ticket prices.
    I was waiting for the day that I would see boobs and butt jiggling next to each other. Today is that day.
    Amen brother, I just stopped following the discussion and watched the avatars instead.
    ATP $346.09 for the Stones. Who the hell can afford that in today's economy? No wonder everyone pirates music, because they can't afford a single CD after buying these tickets.
    Yeah, almost 350 bucks for ANY concert ticket is way too much. I wouldn't pay 350 bucks for a time machine ride back to 1970 when a Stones concert would actually be good. Ok maybe I would.
    Muse are the only relatively young band on the list, with reasonable ticket prices.
    Floyd Phoenix
    I've seen the top three in the past two weeks or so, I payed (with booking fees) Springsteen - 70 Stones - 108 (booking fees were about 15) Bon Jovi - 60. The boss was the best, followed by the Stones, then Jovi.
    I saw Clapton, Springsteen and Muse during the last 2 month... all 3 of them were absolutely amazing and worth their money
    MUSE!!!!! I saw them in concert last year and they give one of the best shows possible! glad to see them on the list.
    Probably because they sold their tickets for $20, which should be taken as a hint to all of the peopel they outsold. The Rolling Stones sell their tickets at outrageous prices.
    Didn't all their shows sell out too? I nearly went because of the price and I don't even like the band, if everyone sold gigs cheap and CDs for peanuts you'd have people like me buying music products every week instead of the once a year I can really afford
    It's a bogus number really. Springsteen and The Stones did a fifth of the amount of shows as Bon Jovi so if they had done 60 dates they would have crushed the amount of money made.
    But even then, the Bon Jovi tickets were all under $200. They had LOTS of specially priced tickets starting at $30 for people who couldn't afford to go, and then their most expensive ticket was still under $200. Bon Jovi are trying to play to as MANY people as they can, they are like a machine I suppose.
    I'm a huge Jovi fan. Anyone who reads articles about Bon Jovi on here might see my comments, but if not... No problem... But I digress... As I said, I am a huge fan of Bon Jovi, but.... Their latest tour, the one down in Australia, when tickets went on sale, my jaw dropped. And not in a good way. The ATP for these tickets is about $150-$200 I believe. Where the Diamond seating (which isn't even the best you can get, albeit somewhat close) goes for $250. The Circle pit tickets are a whopping $1000 and above. $2000 if you want front row seating. I was devastatingly disappointed. They had some seats for $30, true.... The nose-bleed seats way, way, way up the back. Those might be the seats for the people who haven't seem them before, and just want to be in the same venue as them might pay. I however, have seen them before, and I wanted to see them again, roughly in the same area I was last time. Though, considering the abnormal prices, and seating that is incurred with those prices, a lot of people I have talked to haven't bought tickets also. And I am most likely won't be going this time around. Jon takes care of everything pretty much. His music is a business, and while I concur that the boss needs to keep his own interests at heart before anyone else and wants to keep the company first.... I just believe that the prices of these tickets are somewhat of an inflated ego of a man who's not too sure on whats important anymore. Because according to their last record.... I don't think its the music...