Bon Jovi Under Fire: Did Skid Row Steal Name?

A member of the "original" Skid Row is questioning Bon Jovi in a public video explaining how the band name was used without permission - or money.

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Out of the blue, a member of the "original" Skid Row is claiming the hit 80s band stole his band name - and he wants Jon Bon Jovi to give him answers.

Stick with us, and this will make sense. Bon Jovi helped his old friend Dave Sabo get a record deal with Atlantic in 1988, who had formed a band under the title Skid Row, fronted by Sebastian Bach.

By 1989, Skid Row released a self-titled album which went 5x platinum, turning them into global megastars.

The only problem was that a band already existed with the same band name, and they weren't the nobodies you might expect. In fact, they were huge names in their own right, with American tours and would even top the bill above the likes of Iggy & The Stooges and Rod Stewart. Two members, Phil Lynott and Gary Moore, went on to form Thin Lizzy.

Now bassist Brendan "Brush" Shiels from the original band is after answers, because he doesn't understand how the latter Skid Row could use the name legally.

"A couple of years ago, I'm looking at MTV, having a look at this guy Sebastian Bach; somebody asked him a question and he said they paid Gary Moore $35,000 for the use of the name," explains Shiels in a video (via Henne Music). "Now, I know for fact that this is a lie."

In the video embedded below, Shiels explains that Bon Jovi investigated more about buying the name by contacting Gary Moore, who in turn said to speak to Shiels. It would now seem that Shiels was never contacted.

Shiels continued: "All I'm saying is, Jon Bon Jovi if you'd like to contact me or one of your representatives and explain what happened, and why these guys got to use the name Skid Row without contacting me. Because, when I tried to contact you, I found it impossible most of the time.

"Jon, if you're out there - from one rock professional to another give us a call."

We're not lawyers, but it sounds like Shiels and co could be in for a hefty payout if rights to the Skid Row name weren't properly secured.

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    For a second I thought he meant that Bon Jovi stole the band name, but sadly this article wasn't nearly as funny and retarded. No clue why this guy is coming out about this now (except for money, but really, when the band's career has long been dead?). Ah well. I expect this to just disappear along with the millions of other articles just like this.
    Didnt 80s Skid Row name themselves after the area were the founding members came from? So they didnt steal it at all then.
    I was just wondering about this situation the other day. It's really unsurprising that this comes out now that Gary Moore is dead. If its decided that they must pay for use of the name, Sebastian Bach may be free and clear from all of this, as he hasn't been in Skid Row for 15 years, the band continues with another singer, and I believe the record label would be responsible for any back-pay. They also 'stole' the idea for 18 & Life from Stonewall Jackson's Life to Go -- shocker!
    So he's claiming they stole his name in the 80's, but are broke now, so he's going after Bon Jovi now instead? I also remember reading about the 'metal' Skid Row resolving the name issue in the early 90's.
    I remember reading about this in Guitar World, Skid Row bought the name from the original band, I don't know what this guy's complaining about
    Sorayah Royale
    Throughout Ireland the UK and Internationally... The Irish rock and blues band Skid Row which goes back over 4 decades, is synonmous with Brendan 'Brush' Shiels who has established a considerable reputation, nationally and internationally as a major role player in Irish Rock history and continues to write, record and play live. To name just two musicians who have played with Brush Shiels Skid Row, for the purpose of this issue, Philip Lynott and Gary Moore R.I.P.... AND who both served their musical apprenticeships under the guidence of Brush and in HIS highly acclaimed and well known band Skid Row...There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, that either of these guys or in fact no working Irish Musician, and there have been many, who have played with Brush and Skid Row over the years would ever DARE or even consider to believe that they had any authority or rights to assume ownership or would steal the band name Skid Row from Brush and sell a major part of Irish Blues and Rock History for 30 pieces of silver... There is absolutely No Way that Gary Moore R.I.P. would have sold Skid Row - to Glamrockers... It's totally inconceivable... I totally agree with Brush... Jon Bon Jovi needs to address this matter professionally and contact Brush with a view to sorting this matter out once and for all... as in the midst of all this... the good name and reputation of Gary Moore R.I.P. is being tarnished as a result of this lie... and under serious consideration is a global campaign to 'Clear Gary Moore's Name and Reputation'
    Sorayah Royale
    To answer some of the above comments... the reason I suspect why Brush Shiels is speaking out here now is that he has tried many other avenues to get this sorted out without success over a number of years. Also I would like to point out that Skid Row continue to be a successful working band, with a huge following and I believe a New Album due to be released in 2012... Perhaps this is why, and to the commentator who thinks this is some retired old guy looking for a few bob... You ain't seen nothing yet!!!
    "A couple of years ago, Im looking at MTV, having a look at this guy Sebastian Bach; somebody asked him a question and he said they paid Gary Moore $35,000 for the use of the name," explains Shiels in a video (via Henne Music). "Now, I know for fact that this is a lie."
    Doesn't that say it all? I guess someone didn't get his piece of the cake