Bon Jovi Waive Madrid Gig Fee to Help Spain's Economy

Band wont get paid to keep ticket prices down.

Ultimate Guitar

Bon Jovi are waiving their performance fee for their upcoming show in Spain because of the current economic crisis.

As NME reports, tickets to the show, which takes place on June 27th, were sold at reduced prices of 18 and 39 euros. Ticket sales will go towards the costs for the venue, operating costs and show staff.

As Jon Bon Jovi told Spain's El Mundo newspaper, Madrid had originally been left off the tour map because of Economic uncertainties.

"When we started planning our tour for our album, 'What About Now', we did a study and found that, due to the economic situation, Spain wouldnt be on the roadmap," he said. "However, we didn't want to ditch the fans of a country I love and has treated me so well for 30 years."

Full price tickets to a stadium gig in Spain would normally cost around 75 euros.

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    Wow! A Bon Jovi article that ISN'T about Sambora! In all seriousness, it's always good to hear about bands that genuinely care for their fans, pay or no pay.
    It's interesting to know that they do this in Spain but there's no news of doing it in Portugal, who's in a much worse financial/economical status. Instead, the ticket prices ranges from about 59 to nearly 250! Don't get me wrong, what they did here is fantastic and definitely worth the praise, I'm just saying that they could be a tad more coherent regarding this.