Bono: 'My Voice Annoys Me'

artist: Bono date: 12/02/2011 category: music news

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Bono: 'My Voice Annoys Me'
Rocker Bono is tired of his own voice and rarely listens to U2 songs when they are played on the radio. The Irish star admits he's particularly turned off when he hears songs U2 recorded at the beginning of their career. In a pre-taped interview with U.S. TV host Ellen DeGeneres, which aired on her show on Thursday, Bono says, "I do try to avoid it. If I hear our songs on the radio I tend to turn them down. Not because I don't like them or believe in them. Actually, my voice annoys me. I always think I could have sang it better." "I am sort of a macho, Irish guy and particularly in those '80s songs, I think I sound like a girl." Thanks for the report to
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