Bookmakers Make Metallica Favourites to Headline Glastonbury

Speculation is mounting that metallers will join Arcade Fire in headlining the Pyramid Stage.

Ultimate Guitar

Bookmakers Paddy Power have made Metallica joint favourites with Prince to headline the Saturday night of Glastonbury Festival.

Speculation has been mounting that the metal veterans will headline the Pyramid Stage on June 28, after Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis said that long-time favourite Prince "wasn't happening this year."

Despite Eavis' comments, Paddy Power make Prince joint 5/4 favourite with Metallica. Bookmakers William Hill recently suspended betting that Kasabian will headline the Pyramid Stage on Sunday, but their fellow bookmakers make the Leicester band 5/1 second favourites to headline on Saturday instead. Other odds include Fleetwood Mac at 9/1 and Elbow at 10/1.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said last October that he wants the band to play at Glastonbury, stating: "It's the one festival to elude us." However, Michael Eavis has stated in the past that he doesn't think metal bands are suitable for the festival, following the deaths of nine fans at Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2000. "You get crowd-surfing and all those things that seem to cause problems," Eavis told the BBC in 2002.

Arcade Fire are the only confirmed headliners for this year's festival, having been named in January as the bill-toppers on the Friday night. Other artists confirmed to play include Dolly Parton, Lily Allen, Disclosure and Courtney Barnett, while the Black Keys were announced on Monday (March 24). Earlier today, Lana Del Rey confirmed herself to play via her booking agents' website.

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    i think they should shock everyone and put cannibal corpse peforming with a hologram of justin bieber, james brown and elvis performing
    Holograms are done, man. The entire potential of them was fulfilled when Yoshiki piano-duelled himself at SXSW.
    I dunno.. can't see metallica going down that well with the glasto crowd, compared to Springsteen or Prince or RHCP.
    I strongly doubt that, they're playing Sonisphere for one thing. However i'm not going to complain, i want to see a load of hipsters be confused when something like Dyer's Eve get's dropped.
    Knowing Glastonbury, its going to be someone like Daft Punk. They just mention names like Metallica to try and get the metal fans more involved
    Considering they sold all 120,000 tickets in an hour and a half last October, I'm not sure they're bothered about metal fans being 'involved'.
    Glastonbury doesn't really need to bother to be honest, it's insanely popular enough as it is, it really doesn't need Metalheads to make more money for them.
    Van Guff
    The only issue with this is that they're already headlining a major festival in the UK (Sonisphere). I highly doubt that the contract that they signed with Soni will allow them to headline another UK fest this year.
    I think at this stage of their career Metallica decide the majority of the terms and conditions.
    Pablo Mortis
    Just look at the festivals Maiden are headlining this year, there's not likely to be a problem
    Yeah, realistically I'd say it's between them and Tool...but most likely them.
    Hate to break it to you, but Tool are nowhere near Glastonbury headlining material.
    I agree, I wasn't saying that in wishful thinking. I'll most likely never go to that festival, so why would I care who headlines it?