Born-Deaf Woman Gets to Hear for First Time, Becomes Megadeth Fan

Band even gets Sarah Churman to attend her very first metal concert.

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You might remember born-deaf Sarah Churman from a viral video dating back about two-and-a-half years. In an emotional clip, she was recorded at the doctor's office as she got to hear for the very first time.

In the most awesome possible twist, Sarah is now a Megadeth fan. Not only that, but Dave Mustaine and co. have personally offered to fly her to Vegas for her very first metal show.

"I consider myself pretty rugged, but I got a little teary-eyed when I watched her being able to experience what we all take for granted," Dave said during KTNV appearance along Churman herself.

"And then someone said, 'You know, she actually likes your music.' And I was like, 'Nuh-uh.' It's just great, you never know what you're gonna hear nowadays," the frontman added.

Sarah then went on to describe how she got into Megadeth, sharing a cool story about turning on the radio to hear music for the first time and worrying about how bad it sounded.

"The day [hearing aid] was activated and we got in the car I was excited to go ahead and turn the radio on and just start scanning through the channels and stuff," she said. "And honestly, music didn't sound well right away on the radio and I kinda panicked and got upset, because it sounded awful at first, anything on the radio."

Sarah was since flown to Vegas to attend the co-headlining Megadeth and Motorhead gig on April 17. The experience must've really been something. Check out the clips below for more details.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    From megadeaf to Megadeth, I like it! Kudos to this woman for overcoming so much in her life, hearing is one of those things that's easy to take for granted.
    The problem might not have been the radio itself but what was playing.
    "music didn't sound well right away on the radio and I kinda panicked and got upset, because it sounded awful at first, anything on the radio". yeah that'll happen if you listen to pop radio
    Then she heard Dave's performance with the orchestra, and decided that hearing things is overrated. Just kidding. On a serious note: pretty awesome story. I think I'd lose my mind if I went deaf.
    Then she heard Metallica's performance with the orchestra and decided Megadeth is overrated. I kid!
    What if she goes deaf again by going to concerts?
    They already said the hearing device has a limiter in it. A limiter is hardcore compressor so when the volume gets to loud it automatically reduces it to a more listenable volume. She can safely go to all the concerts she wants.
    Did you watch the interview? Her hearing aids have limiters, which can limit the volume. Not only will she not go deaf again, she'll get the cleanest sound experience!
    Not a bad way to validate yourself as a musician. I hope Dave Mustaine can now finally see that he was never playing second fiddle to Metallica.
    How is she able to talk correctly? I mean that must have taken ages to achieve without being able hear the sound, especially for something like the English language.
    The look on Dave's face when she said what her favorite song was almost "Damn, I wish she'd mentioned a song off Supercollider."