Boss Announces Five-Year Warranty On All Compact Pedal Models Worldwide

gear manufacturer: Boss date: 03/12/2014 category: music news
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Boss Announces Five-Year Warranty On All Compact Pedal Models Worldwide
BOSS is proud to announce that it will offer a five-year warranty on its entire line of pedals in the compact series, effective April 1, 2014. Since their introduction in 1977, BOSS' famous colorful effects pedals have been at the feet of musicians everywhere, helping the world's leading artists shape the sound of modern music.

Recently introduced at the Winter NAMM Show in January 2014, the special edition OD-1X Overdrive and DS-1X Distortion pedals were the first models to be offered with an exclusive five-year warranty. The company has now decided to expand this warranty coverage to all models in the compact series, reflecting the road-tough durability and legendary reliability that's kept BOSS stompboxes on the front lines of concert stages for nearly four decades.

Warranty notes:
  • The product warranty will be provided only within the territory of the authorized Roland distributor where the product is purchased.
  • Regardless of any statements on the product package, the scope of the warranty (terms of validity and applicable conditions) is subject to the laws of the relevant country and the authorized Roland distributor's rules.
For additional information, please contact customer support for
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