Boss Unveils GP-10 Guitar Processor

COSM instrument modeling, instant altered tunings, multi-FX, and more.

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Boss introduces the GP-10 Guitar Processor, an instrument modeling and multi-effects unit that puts an immense range of sound possibilities into the hands of all guitarists. Driven by Boss' acclaimed COSM technology, the GP-10 gives players access to various guitar, bass, and synth models, instant tuning changes, and a wide selection of world-class amps and effects, all in one compact and affordable device. In addition to stage performance, the GP-10 is a powerful partner for DAW music production, with unique multi-channel audio capabilities and guitar-to-MIDI conversion via USB.  

Equipped with both a 13-pin GK input and a 1/4-inch guitar input, the GP-10 functions as an instrument modeling processor and a powerful multi-effects unit. The multi-effects section features COSM amps and effects derived from the flagship GT-100 Amp Effects Processor, and these can be used with any guitar via a standard 1/4-inch cable. The GK input provides access to both the instrument modeling and multi-effects sections, opening up a universe of sonic exploration for both live playing and studio recording.

When using a GK-compatible pickup with the GP-10, a guitarist can instantly change their instrument's entire sound and/or tuning with the press of a pedal. Powered by real-time DSP, the GP-10's modeled sounds are ultra-responsive and highly expressive. They can also be blended with the normal guitar sound, putting an infinite range of tones under the player's fingers.

Included are classic modeled electric guitars with single coils and humbuckers, as well as steel- and nylon-string acoustics, basses, banjo, resonator, fretless guitar, and even a sitar. The GP-10 also includes an analog-modeled synth engine that powers a super-fat OSC Synth and an emulation of the legendary Roland GR-300 guitar synth. In addition, the Poly FX section offers many unique sounds only possible with GK processing.

With any of the GP-10's modeled instrument sounds, the player is able to change their guitar's tuning at will, even in the middle of a song. Quick-access presets include many different open tunings, 12-string sounds, and "down" tunings popular with modern metal guitarists. Users can create their own custom tunings as well.

The GP-10 features an onboard USB audio/MIDI interface, letting players capture great amp and effect tones in their DAW with any guitar. But when using a GK pickup, the GP-10 expands production capabilities far beyond any standard guitar processor. For example, it's possible to record a guitar's six strings individually on separate tracks, either processed with the GP-10 or captured dry for later processing. Multi-string sound recording offers creative options not only for re-amping applications, but also for "re-guitaring" sounds through the GP-10's modeling section to change the entire sound while mixing. The guitar-to-MIDI function lets players to stretch their creativity even further by using their guitar to play soft synths, capture MIDI sequences, and input MIDI data into music notation software.

Boss Tone Studio offers an inviting graphical interface for editing and organizing GP-10 patches on a computer via USB. Available as a free download for Mac and Windows, the software also provides an integrated connection to the Boss Tone Central website, where users can preview and download patches created by top pro players directly into the GP-10.

The GP-10 is available by itself (GP-10S), or with an included Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup and 13-pin cable (GP-10GK). The GK-3 allows players to easily add GK compatibility to their favorite guitar with no modification necessary.

With its built-in GK pickup, Roland's popular GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster is ideal for use with the GP-10, and there are GK-compatible guitars available from many other manufacturers as well.

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    I can do most of that with a comb and a piece of tissue paper, but still pretty cool.
    I saw the colors and thought Boss had cloned the Digitech Space Station and got excited, but nothing to see here.
    So, if you want to play along with all of your favorite soundtracks from 80s made-for-tv movies, buy the Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor!
    This pedal is brilliant for synth sounds and acoustic emulation. The pedal also allows you to use your guitar as a MIDI device so you can use VST instruments on it. I was taken back by how good the sound quality is. Because of the GK3 pickup you can have two different sound signals at the same time.. like synth + guitar.I would not recommend this pedal just for the normal guitar input. The GK functions are the only reason why you should buy this and that is only if you like playing synth sounds on your guitar.