Boston Marathon Bombing: Musicians React

The shocking bomb attack in Boston yesterday has stirred an emotional response from even the most hardened rock stars.

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Musicians have responded to the shocking bomb attack at the Boston Marathon yesterday, where two bombs killed three people and injured at least 144 more.

One of those injured when the attack near the finish line yesterday was an 8-year-old boy, and at least 10 people have already had limbs amputated according to CNN.

President Obama has also commented on the attack, saying "Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice." He noted that Boston "is a tough and resilient town," and promised that Americans "would stand by them every step of the way."

Scroll down to see the online reaction to this shocking event from rock musicians.

If you want to help the victims of the bomb attack, you can donate to the Boston branch of the American Red Cross today.

Prayers&Godspeed to victims in Boston & hope the guilty are caught & severely punished

Ted Nugent (@TedNugent) April 16, 2013

So sad to hear about what happened in Boston... There are some f--ked up people in this world

Wolfgang Van Halen (@WolfVanHalen) April 15, 2013

thoughts n hearts are with you #Boston

TOMMY LEE (@MrTommyLand) April 15, 2013

Our hearts and prayers go out to Boston. Here's a @google service if you are looking for someone

Guns N' Roses (@gunsnroses) April 16, 2013

I feel terrible for all the people of Boston. On a day like today, something so evil should take place. Deepest sympathies to all affected.

Slash (@Slash) April 16, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Boston today.

America (@americaband) April 16, 2013

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and families of those killed and injured in the bombing at the Boston Marathon.#Senseless.

Three Dog Night (@threedognight) April 15, 2013

My thoughts and prayers go out to and are with those affected by today's explosions at the #bostonmarathon. #bostonmarathonvictims

bretmichaels (@bretmichaels) April 15, 2013

To any and all affected by the events in Boston today... My heart breaks for you. Truly a wonderful city filled with wonderful people.

Dave Phoenix Farrell (@phoenixlp) April 16, 2013

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families, and emergency responders in Boston.

Bruce Kulick (@brucekulick) April 15, 2013

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    gotta give some respect to Ted Nugent for not bringing obama into this.
    Mr Winters
    This. He'll be saying it was all orchestrated by Obama and the anti-gun people by next week
    Nah, man. The guy they have in custody is middle-eastern so the rally will be against terrorists this time.
    Vicryl 2.0
    Its Ted Nugent. it doesnt matter what planet the suspect came from, he'll always blame obama.
    Just like the Obama minions will never hold him accountable, eh? It works both ways.
    Tbh, I find someone like Ted Nugent being sympathetic to an incident like this ironic. This is a man who aggressively pushes for people to be able to bear arms and the unfortunate result of that is often enough some deranged nut going out and killing someone or several people with those weapons. Bombs are just another form of weapon and for some enthusiasts, that mentality just progresses onto bigger stuff like explosives, if I may cite the Columbine shooters for example
    Get a grip, can a man - albeit one with often sideways views - not express sympathy without being attacked for it?
    Cyclonus, what is your problem? It is completely illegal to own or create bombs, also many supporters of the right to bear arms, such as myself, would not condone bombs as any sort of defensive device. It's moronic to say that people who believe in the safe operation of weapons for sport or defense can't be sympathetic when innocent people are killed. Just because Nugent believes that people should be able to own guns does not mean that he supports the massacre of innocent crowds of people, and to be honest the incidents are not really related in any way other than the fact that they are both very public topics right now. Gun Owner does not equal Monster
    I don't agree with Ted Nugent as much on the weapons issue, but I don't think it would be considered ironic for him to be sympathetic just because he supports gun ownership. Bombs and guns are both weapons but they sure are not the same thing and the mentality on guns from the supporters are more about self-protection than "muh weapons". Even if everyone at that marathon was armed, it wouldn't have done much to prevent a surprise bombing. The issue doesn't relate all that much.
    Second Rate
    Please explain your logic, or rather lack thereof, Cyclonus. A gun is an inanimate object, it does not whisper in a person's ear to go out and kill. On top of that, from what I understand of this event... this little "explosive device" was rigged out of some little metal bits and bobs and a pressure cooker. Shall you call for cookware control now? After all, owning a pressure cooker may make someone with an enthusiasm for red beans and rice turn into a terrorist. Furthermore, the Columbine shooters were hardly what i would call gun enthusiasts. In the region where i'm from there are plenty of gun enthusiasts and I don't think i've ever met one that has an interest in making homemade incendiary devices or explosives. Also, go look up the definition of irony please.
    Well for one, pressure cookers aren't designed to kill whereas guns are, rigging them to be a weapon is just some lunatic's sinister motive. When people get guns, they are either responsible with them and use them for whatever reason or they turn out to be a madman or just a run-of-the-mill killer. A madman who wants to kill people with a weapon could have any weapon, be a gun or a bomb. Nugent wouldn't fall under 'madman' cause he doesn't want to harm anyone but he's got no problem with preventing unnecessary assault rifles being banned which in turn allows just about anyone of legal age going about committing mass killings at a fast pace in one sitting if that's what they want to do. If Nugent doesn't care about people getting their hands on serious weapons who could easily turn out to be a maniac gone unnoticed though the legal process of acquiring them that he endorses, why should he care about the damage the weapons cause to human life. In turn, why should he care about anyone being killed by any kind of weapon, bomb, gun, knife or whatever if he thinks owning something designed to cause harm, in his case a gun, is fine? Called it warped logic but thats my two cent on the subject. Also the Columbine killers clearly were gun enthusiasts, even if they were lunatics. They wanted them for ages, they travelled to a gun show/fair to seek them out and when they got them they practiced using them and videotaped themselves doing so. You haven't met any gun folk interested in making explosives? Just as well, or maybe you have and you just don't know it
    So much ignorance and hypocrisy packed into to one small wall of text...
    If you wouldn't mind pointing out the ignorance and hypocrisy specifically cause I'm not really seeing it. Weapons are made to kill, nothing else to it and I don't see a difference between legally owning guns or illegally making bombs. Eventually, they always fall into the wrong hands
    What a bad week this has been
    How bad this week has begun.
    Western media is sad. Apparently these 3 people's lives count far more than other because they are american. In other news: -Five UN peacekeepers and seven civilian staff members are killed by rebels in Jonglei, South Sudan. -At least 37 people are killed and 850 are injured when a 6.3-magnitude earthquake strikes the Iranian province of Bushehr. -A gunman kills 13 people in a spree shooting in the village of Velika Ivanča, Serbia. -Dozens of attacks across Iraq, including a brazen car bombing on the way to Baghdad airport, have killed 50 people.
    stop trying to out-tragedy this. every death is a tragedy no question about it.
    I think the reason the Boston bombings are getting more attention is because of the perception of the location - All places you mentioned are long-known troubled areas, where death is a regular visitor - Boston is supposed to be a safe place, and with all the safety precautions taken these days to prevent terrorism, this tragedy sticks out from the rest - bodycount (sadly) doesn't matter in this case, what matters is that it happened in a highly developed country, where protection, and prevention against terrorism has been taken really seriously, especially after 9/11...
    You're an idiot to think that we as Americans need to be equally informed and outraged for crap that happens all over the world, as we are for crap that happens here in America.
    See Jusbaum's post a few posts up. Not the time bro.
    Why? So you Americans can keep living vicariously through some deaths you can relate to? Wake up people, this stuff happens everyday and often much worse than this. Of course it's sad that 3 people lost their lives because of some psycho but you should be thankful it's only that. These people's lives are not mare valuable than the thousands of people that die every week in Africa, Middle east etc due to terror violence.
    When terrorism happens on your home it hits a little closer since even though the US is large geographically it just shakens sense of security. Also, why would you even ask why people live through deaths they can relate to? Everyone bases stuff on what they can relate to. I do agree that the media focusing only on US issues when we are causing bigger atrocities ourselves is unfair, and it's worth pointing out when people are focused on the lives of a few domestically, but it doesn't mean you should try to "out-tragedy" the situation as someone mentioned. People are dying all the time, even right now, in poor conditions. A lot of society is based off of ignoring bad aspects unfortunately. And this applies nearly universally, so don't go saying "you Americans" like the whole country is one and the same.
    Face R1pper
    Why does it seem strange to you that Americans care more about American news than about Serbian or Iraqi news?
    It's worldwide news dude! tbh I never heard about those other tragedies which is what he was getting at
    Remember when US bombing killed 30 and injures civillians 100 in Afghanistan? Haven't seen anyone to mourn over those lost lives? I guess 3 americans are more important than 30 afghans.
    Yeah, I agree, but any incident in which innocent people are killed is a heinous crime.
    stop trying to out-tragedy this. every death is a tragedy no question about it.
    I agree with you dude, but not the time or the place... Also, everyone seems to be jumping to the conclusion its middle eastern terrorism of some sort, but no one knows yet so your comparison may not even be valid.
    It's a little different when its an attack on our homeland, you know, on PATRIOTS DAY, where FREEDOM STARTED in this country. Give it time. While 3 civilians died, 140+ were injured. Show some respect
    How is it different? Those afghans were in their homeland and USA bombed them. Bad arguing, buddy!
    why is this getting downvoted?
    broken ipod
    Yeah, it is really a smart comment and perfectly answers why this is such a big deal in the US. There really is no reasons for the downvotes.
    The United States doesn't initiate any attacks on other countries. We only attack if people **** with us first. And when we do, we never have the intention of harming innocent lives, unlike the ones whom attack us first.
    Hahahaha, right. I wonder, is the information about the acts of US army in other countries so hidden from you, or are you just that naive?
    No, we may not have the intentions as a country for terrorism, but we kill many civilians during attacks and it's not like the US is very careful to avoid hurting innocents either. Innocents are innocents regardless of whether they're in the opposing country or not.
    broken ipod
    And may I ask how you would know how careful the United States military is in regards to civilians. I just want to bring up one of the tactics used by the islamic extremists out in the middle east. The extremists store their munitions within crowded areas, attack our troops from crowds of innocence, and hide among the innocent. For our soldiers, it is very hard to pick these cowards out when they are hiding in women's clothes and storing weapons in apartment buildings.
    James Alexander
    Completely agree, did you know also on the same day 51 people died and over 300 were injured in Iraq bombings? This was the same day as the boston bombings and yet I watched BBC news 24 and there wasn't even a mention on this. Obviously 3 American lives are more important...
    *slightly* different, in that one was on unprovoked "hey, guys, THIS'LL BE FUNNY!" attack, and the other was an act of war. Still terrible, but apples and oranges... Bloody apples and oranges, albeit.
    Born and raised in Boston. Lots of friends who were there yesterday. Some of the graphic images I'll never forget. As bad as this is, it won't be forgotten, and only reinforces Patriotism, and on a dark day like this, we all came together.
    Such a heartless tragedy, if they find the person(s) responsible, the 8 y/o's Father should be allowed to put a bullet in their head Futhermore, I wonder who the douche canoe was that gave this article a thumbs down
    vppark2 someone who lived in MA his whole life (low living in NH), I gotta say this was quite a scary day. Idk about you guys but I cant fathom why anyone would make jokes about a serious incident like this, or rather just simply not care about the matter. I had a "friend" on Instagram from Rowley, MA upload a pic flipping off the camera with the caption as: "Fuck boston #aintnobodygotimeforthat #notmyproblem #shutthe****up".
    This my friends, are the reason why we get problems like this in the world today, simply because some people are just not concerned at all, and would rather not care unless it had happened to themselves, and that is the biggest form of ignorance. I unfriended him immediately after, and needless to say, got into a pointless argument with him, like many others did. lol.
    It was Obama!
    Its tragic, but come on, there is far worse shit going on around the world every day, and noone speaks about it..when it comes to usa, instant center of focus. and usa, of all countries, who have caused so much destruction in the middle east for their benefits.. Sorry, but its hard to be sympathetic at this point.
    I still don't get this attitude. I actually don't have a problem with people pointing out US atrocities (as long as it's done rationally) but how is it hard to be sympathetic? They were innocent people who were suddenly killed or hurt by motives we don't even know yet. To be unsympathetic because of the past and current federal and state decisions is no better than Americans who dismiss the middle east as terrorist grounds and are apathetic to the innocents who die there even more regularly.
    Face R1pper
    I understand your position, but these are innocent people dying here. I completely agree with what is labeled as "terrorist attacks" as an acceptable form of martial/political action. But when you are bombing marathon runners and their spectators you are not accomplishing anything worth these lives. If this was an army headquarters or a federal government office being bombed, then I could share your indifference/apathy. But instead this is an eight year old child who has done nothing to provoke another to bomb him to death, and others that we must assume are innocent.
    vppark2 someone who lived in MA his whole life (low living in NH), I gotta say this was quite a scary day. Idk about you guys but I cant fathom why anyone would make jokes about a serious incident like this, or rather just simply not care about the matter. I had a "friend" on Instagram from Rowley, MA upload a pic flipping off the camera with the caption as: "Fuck boston #aintnobodygotimeforthat #notmyproblem #shutthe****up".
    This is really sad, and don't get me wrong but I was really hoping for a Dave Mustaine conspiracy rant...