Bowie Comeback Shoots To iTunes No.1

His unusual comeback single has surprised onlookers by rising to the top of the UK iTunes chart on the day it was announced. But what did UG readers think of the song?

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David Bowie and surprised critics with his first single in ten years shooting to the top of the UK iTunes chart on its day of release.

"Where Are We Now?" was released at short notice yesterday (January 8) on his 66th birthday, alongside news of a new album "The Next Day" to be launched on March 11. It is his first album since "Reality" in 2003.

The ethereal song and video, seen below, proved popular with his fans across social media and by 3pm in the UK it had overtaken hit songs by Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Bookmakers have already slashed odds on the new album going to number 1 in the chart to 6-1.

UG readers were generally receptive to the song:

captainperoxide - "Bit of a grower, this one. Took me a few listens to really appreciate it."


ace3494 - "He doesn't need any autotune, he should have just ditched it the reason I like Bowie is because of his short, haunting delivery, not his pitch perfect vocals."

Clarkinator - "I like a lot of his older stuff, not a big fan of this one though. Still, the dude is a legend, and its cool to see him back on the scene making new music."

What do you think of the new David Bowie song "Where Are We Now?" Do you agree that it's a 'grower'? Hear it here and let us know in the comments.

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    bee5ify - "ERMAGERHD DERVID BERWIE!" Oh you, UG. I lol'd. The song is pretty catchy. If there's autotune on it or not, I don't care.
    I don't see any surprise there- he's got a huge fan base and is, basically, a legend. I hope the album does just as well and is a fitting comeback!
    I liked it. The auto-tune is very thin and unnoticeable. It sounds more like a reverb to me.
    Holy shit he's still alive?? Why is yoko-ono with him? Also this is really bad. And I should know, I'm a pro.
    "David Bowie and surprised critics with his first single in ten years shooting to the top of the UK iTunes chart on its day of release." Oh come on, it's in the first sentence!
    Loved it from the first listen... Think I was a tad TOO excited when I heard the news; straight to iTunes, song bought, had it on repeat for 2 straight days. Doesn't get old. And it's not a whining 'oh no, my life is over song', it's a VERY heart filled, personal song, reflecting on his life in Germany. Struggling with his old identity crisis and all that. Beautiful! I didn't/don't even notice the auto-tuning. If anyone could point out a noticeable moment, then of he intrigued to see/hear it I'm normally the type of person who jumps straight on to noticeable ATing (Mchine Head - Halo, anyone?)
    Would love to see him do the Ziggy album in its entirety on a tour... Minus the theatrics... Lol Bowie is the original trend setting glam rocker!
    Not a fan of the song but I am glad to see Bowie back. The song just has too much of that oh **** my life's over vibe to it and currently listening to music with that sort of sentiment wouldn't do me much good. Maybe later down the line I will enjoy it more.
    I'm digging it. Hearing Bowie make some new music kinda made me notice just how influential his music is. A band like Phoenix in particular. Though maybe one can argue that Bowie has been influenced by some modern acts too.
    This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
    It's REALLY nice to hear that an unique production of music CAN still be made even today.
    I feel as if I should be high on heroin. Hawesome! I didn't like it at first, but I feel as if it will grow on me.
    I absolutely love it. It's great that it has some of the same atmosphere from his 80's Berlin records, yet it's obvious that it's his newer material.
    but the auto-tune I hear is evident in the chorus, not used much, but noticeable and distracting.
    Not being included in the official UK chart apparently due to it being tied into the album pre-order, shame.