Bowie Returns After 10-Year Hiatus

The 66-year-old singer has released a brand new single from a forthcoming album, after 10 years of speculation surrounding his health. But does it sound any good?

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David Bowie has returned after a decade of silence with a new single and details of a fresh album, on the morning of his 66th birthday.

The single "Where Are We Now?", which you can hear in the player below, was produced by Tony Visconti and reflects on his time in Berlin. It will appear on his album "The Next Day", which is set for release in March.

Unusually, it sounds like Bowie has finally had to relent to auto-tune technology for his singing in the choruses.

His 10-year hiatus has been plagued by rumors of ill health. A press release explains why he's back:

In recent years radio silence has been broken only by endless speculation, rumour and wishful thinking. A new record who would have ever thought it, who'd have ever dreamed it! After all, David is the kind of artist who writes and performs what he wants when he wants; when he has something to say as opposed to something to sell.

Today he definitely has something to say.

Hear the new David Bowie song "Where Are We Now?":

YouTube preview picture

What do you think of the song? Can he appeal to a younger audience? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

"The Next Day" tracklist (via Classic Rock)

01. The Next Day 02. Dirty Boys 03. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 04. Love Is Lost 05. Where Are We Now? 06. Valentine's Day 07. If You Can See Me 08. I'd Rather Be High 09. Boss Of Me 10. Dancing Out In Space 11. How Does The Grass Grow 12. (You Will) Set The World On Fire 13. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die 14. Heat

Bonus tracks on deluxe version 15. So She 16. I'll Take You There 17. Plan

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    It's quite impressive how he kept this project secret for so long. Welcome back David.
    We're still in January and already this turns out to be the most fantastic news of the year, 2013's definitely the year of comebacks!
    People don't seem to realize that there's a huge difference between 'tuning' vocals (ie: fixing a small pitch mistake/variance manually on an otherwise perfect take) and slapping autotune on someone rambling into a microphone to make them appear to be singing in the right key. Think of it this way... if you just recorded a perfect solo, with a great feedback in the end and a phrasing that came out perfectly except for one (just 1!) flat note in the middle somewhere that you usually get right, if you could fix that shit in software in 2 seconds you're damn well right you would instead of taking another 12 takes and hours of work to make it seamless.
    Well said. Almost everyone who records in a pro studio in this day and age uses autotune to some degree.
    Hmm, I adore Bowie. One of my heroes. So, anything new from him = excellence. I think the new song is pretty good. Better than some of the stuff from his last album, actually. And, personally I don't hear auto-tune, but maybe I'm just not perceptive enough.
    Yeah I didn't really perceive the auto-tune either. If it's there even at all, he is using it as a pretty light, transparent effect on his voice. It's not doing any heavy lifting and changing his pitch.
    Didn't think much to the song to be honest, highly doubt it'll appeal to a young audience.
    since when does bowie need to appeal to anybody? he's the goblin king
    I love these lines: "David is the kind of artist who writes and performs what he wants when he wants; when he has something to say as opposed to something to sell." I'd wish every single modern do this, then we wouldn't have too many shitty music today.
    This is something I've honestly thought of about once a week since I heard he was in Berlin a few years back. SO pumped. Hope there's a North American tour!
    Happy Birthday David Bowie. I really thought he was great as Nicola Tesla in Christopher Nolan's "The Prestige" and hope he does more dramatic acting.
    YES he's back! thought it would've been more like 20 years before we heard from him again, of course because he'll live forever on cocaine and red peppers
    and honestly, I appreciate that this track isn't making some obviously lame attempt to 'keep up with the times' which I wouldn't expect to begin with, but you never know ... All I know is that I liked it waaaay more than when I heard White Tie/Black Noise for the first time... or any time.
    Best news of the decade! I always thought he had the greatest voice in music or close to it. This song sounds good, lots of emotion there.
    This song makes me feel like im floating through space, as does most of Bowie's music.
    Of course they'd make a post about him on his bday. It's an honor to share the same birthday as him and Elvis.
    He doesn't need any autotune, he should have just ditched it. I can hear it enough to notice throughout the song. The reason I like Bowie is because of his short, haunting delivery, not his pitch perfect vocals.
    circle of drums
    Hmmmmm.....??? after these few years of silence I was expecting more?? The video was just slapped together Jumping all over the place?? Not much thought and effort put into this at all. I'm dissapointed
    I like a lot of his older stuff, not a big fan of this one though. Still, the dude is a legend, and its cool to see him back on the scene making new music.
    pains me, I love Bowie but the autotune is horrible and Tony Visconti must be deaf if he programmed those drums. Bits where they are out of time and sounds like addictive drums straight out of the packet.