Bowie Scores First Top 10 In 25 Years

"Where Are We Now?" is first top ten since 1986.

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NME is reporting that David Bowie has secured his first official UK Top 10 single in over two decades with "Where Are We Now?"

The song, which was surprise released five days ago, has finished the week at #6 in the chart.

It is the first time that Bowie has broken the top 10 since his release of Absolute Beginners in 1986. "Where Are We Now?" has sold 30, 000 copies since release.

There had been speculation that the song would not be eligible for chart placement as it is linked to a promotion where fans purchasing the pre-order of the album received the song a s a download.

However, the Official Chart Company has determined which downloads were purchased outright, rather than part of this bundle.

The number one ranked song at the week's end was and Britney Spears with "Scream & Shout".

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    I persoanally like the new song! Not too many people will agree with me on that! But I like it! Way to go Mr. Bowie!
    I never was a fan of bowie... I know.. shame on me, that's just my opinion. I do think he's a big man in the music business and actually contributed something
    Seeing as you have the top-rated comment, I'd say people probably agree with you. I don't know why you thought the song was something that people wouldn't enjoy.
    It's great to see an artist like Bowie up there. I'm surprised people would be commenting that they don't like the new song and it doesn't deserve to be breaking onto the chart...I mean, the No. 1 song was and Brittany Spears. Can we just be happy that Bowie's in there? If you like his previous work more that's fine - the attention here may draw more people to his early music. Congrats to Bowie.
    I'm happy that he broke the top 10 but I can't say I really like the new song. I hope the album will be better.
    Critisize it all you want saint_berzerker its still light years ahead of anything out there that the younger generations are producing .....
    I don't get why people are criticizing this song so much. I think it's great, a very honest and strong song that mixes his newer works with elements from his legendary Berlin years. I'd be more worried if he had come out with an attempt to do a "Let's Dance" or "Dancing in the Streets" type hit again...
    I would have thought that something from earthling would have made it on the top 10.
    Love Bowie. I didn't think he'd come out with new music ever again tbh. This is great news!
    The song is an absolute slog, why do people seem to care about new Bowie or Stones material when the last time they released anything worthwhile was the early 80's.
    Frank M
    Unabled to download te music due to a block by SME or something like that. I can't imagine why it would be anything but good anyway...I agree, way to go Mr. Bowie! hang in there.