Bowie Scores First Top 10 In 25 Years

artist: David Bowie date: 01/14/2013 category: music news
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Bowie Scores First Top 10 In 25 Years
NME is reporting that David Bowie has secured his first official UK Top 10 single in over two decades with "Where Are We Now?" The song, which was surprise released five days ago, has finished the week at #6 in the chart. It is the first time that Bowie has broken the top 10 since his release of Absolute Beginners in 1986. "Where Are We Now?" has sold 30, 000 copies since release. There had been speculation that the song would not be eligible for chart placement as it is linked to a promotion where fans purchasing the pre-order of the album received the song a s a download. However, the Official Chart Company has determined which downloads were purchased outright, rather than part of this bundle. The number one ranked song at the week's end was and Britney Spears with "Scream & Shout".
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