Bowie 'Will Never Play Live Again'

Producer Tony Visnconti reports that Bowie won't be touring new album.

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With the surprise release of a new David Bowie single earlier this month, fans have been salivating at the prospect of seeing the artist formerly known as Ziggy Stardust hitting the live circuit again. However, as NME reports, producer Tony Visconti has claimed that they shouldn't be getting their hopes up:

"He's fairly adamant he's never gonna perform live again... One of the guys would say, 'Boy, how are we gonna do all this live?' and David said, 'We're not'. He made a point of saying that all the time."

Speaking to Hollywood Reporter, Visconti has also noted the level of secrecy that was kept around the Bowie record, stating that he didn't even tell his children that he was working on it:

"We had to sign non-disclosure agreements but that wasn't necessary. We love David so much. Everyone in the project, except for a few, were old-timers; people who'd made albums or toured with him.

"We didn't tweet it, put it on Facebook or even tell our best friend. That was the hardest part: people close to me wanted to know what I was working on and I couldn't tell them.

"I knew if I told one of them, somebody would leak it and it would be all over the world in a day. I didn't even tell my children what I was doing."

Bowie also decided to launch the single on his 66th birthday several months ago, according to Visconti:

"The countdown was unbearable. When it was finally released I stared at my computer for 15 minutes until the first person realised it was simply dropped in iTunes."

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    "How will we do this live?" "We won't" I'm thinking this might be the Bowie way of just saying "we'll still play live, but we won't do all the fancy mumbo jumbo we are currently doing in the studio" ... hey a man can dream right?
    I saw him live back in '78...I went hoping he'd have Robert Fripp on tour like Peter Gabriel had done on his '77 tour. Instead, he had Adrian Belew on guitar & Roger Powell on kybds & opened the show with a ripping version of Heroes...a great memory for sure...
    Damn! What I'd do to see the Thin White Duke play live He never liked touring at the best of times apparently. Gotta appreciate the new album though!
    Also, I find it amazing that they were actually able to keep it a secret until THEY were ready to reveal it. It's enough for one person, but for a whole crew, and the storm that is the internet, I'm very impressed they stuck it out for so long.
    Tony Visconti tweeted afterwards that he never stated that Bowie would never play live again, but simply that Bowie wouldn't go on tour with this record! And there has been some hints from the guitarist saying that there's no tour planned, but that you can never really know with David Bowie. So, we might not see a world tour anytime soon, but I'd love for one big show like he did on his 50th birthday.
    frehley freak
    I heard on the radio a few years ago that Bowie would be the only show that could gross more than a Zeppelin reunion.
    I wish so much that it was something like 'After he read some mildly disappointed posts about his single on'
    Shame, he's still totally capable of performing live. His voice got old, but also got beautiful in a different way.
    Well, I can cross that one off the list. He was one of my all time greatest "Acts I have to see live before I or they die"
    Wouldn't crossing it off your list mean you have seen him live? Usually people tick or cross things off a list after they do them...
    He said that during Ziggy too. I've seen him 3 times, he was always good.
    His shows haven't been good for awhile. I'm not sure why everyone is holding their collective breath for a return.
    Alan Ciccone
    I was at the Oxegen festival in 2004. The Cure Headlined the first night. Bowie was Scheduled to headline the second. The poor guy had a heart attack not long before. Obviously he stopped touring. The Datkness took his place. I went home early. I really wish I had gotten to see him live but it's fair enough if at 66 he doesn't wanna tour the world.
    I heard on the radio yesterday that he won't tour with this album, but he may tour later depending on how he feels. Visconti said this when someone mentioned that Bowie would never perform again