Breaking Benjamin Announce Comeback With New Lineup

Benjamin Burnley carries on the flag, teaser clip inside.

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Following a string of health and legal issues, Breaking Benjamin are fully back on track and set to return with a new lineup.

The band posted a teaser clip via Facebook, presenting the full new lineup and confirming that frontman Benjamin Burnley is the only member left from the previous BB fold.

Getting down to the new guys right away, the five-piece now consists of Keith Wallen (ex-Adelitas Way) on lead guitar, Aaron Bruch on bass, Jasen Rauch (RED) on second guitar, Shaun Foist behind the battery kit, and Benjamin fronting the action.

Due to Burnley's reoccurring illness, the group had announced an indefinite hiatus back in 2010, after rocking hard for over a decade and releasing four studio albums.

Legal issues were quick to follow, but in April last year, the band has announced a return, confirming that the court battle between frontman and guitarist Aaron Fink and bassist Mark Klepaski was settled.

Back to the current events, check out the clip below, and as the caption says, more info's "coming soon."

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    Nero Galon
    Shame that the guys couldn't settle their issues and come out as bandmates. I suppose you could argue Ben should have started fresh under a new name, but it is Breaking BENjamin. And from the teaser it seems like the sound will be somewhat similar, and RED were also similar in sound. I'll be listening out for their new stuff, however not really sure i'm into this kind of music anymore.
    It would have been cool if they could have worked stuff out, but I'm not too worried about the change because Ben has been the main creative force behind Breaking Benjamin anyway.
    Jasen Rauch wrote for both bands, probably where you're hearing that similarity
    Yeah, he wrote 4 songs on "Dear Agony", which were pretty strong additions to the album IMO. I'm interested to see what they come up with now that he's a full time member.
    IIRC, I read in an interview / article that most if not all of the old lineup left existing bands to join Ben based on the strength of the songs he had, which later made up most of Saturate
    A five piece now? So Ben will only be doing vocals live I'm guessing? That should be interesting
    The video shows three guitars, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same set up live.
    Ah yes. I had made that comment without actually being able to see the video first (internet connection at work was buggy)
    Memory In Death
    I thought this day would never come. That clip sounds awesome. Always had an eye on what they did, and I'm personally very happy to hear that Benjamin Burnley is back on track.
    Hell yeah and Jasen Rauch was the lead creative force in RED. I was bummed when he decided to stop touring with them, I got to meet him when they came to Chicago with Seether on the first album tour. It was awesome. Jasen and Ben both write phenomenal songs.
    I hope people realize how huge the addition of Jason Rauch is. Fantastic songwriter. He had a hand in the best tracks from Dear Agony.
    I was beginning to think this wouldn't happen. Couldn't be happier to be wrong.
    AMAZING! I want their album NOW xD The first time I listened to BB was when I saw the movie "Surrogates". There was their song playing (in the outro). I remembered the words from the lyrics "i will not bow" and looked at the screen. There it was, breaking benjamin. Next day I looked them up and listened to "Diary of Jane" AWESOME! Since then I am a BB-fan
    It's great to see that they are back! Though I'm hoping Ben's illness is almost gone, I remember that was an issue for both the band and the fans (lack of touring if I remember correctly).
    Yes! Jasen Rauch is a fantastic songwriter in any environment, I'm looking forward to what he can bring to the table. That clip doesn't sound a mile away from Dear Agony and I'm hoping the whole album isn't triggered electronic sounding drums. They definitely rocked the raw sound on Saturate and Phobia.
    Breaking Benjamin used to be my favorite band, I loved all the albums, but recently that changed. I find their more recent albums too depressing for my taste. If they make music like their first two albums, I might start listening to them again
    back from what? I saw them open for Godsmack once. They were pretty good.
    They disappeared for a few years after their last release for several reasons. Most of the band as it stands are new members, due to disputes forcing most of the old band to leave, with the exception of the vocalist and main songwriter.
    Just got in to these guys pretty recently and they're fantastic. Ben Burnley is the man and I'm very much looking forward to this. I think a lot of people overlook them as boring, mainstream hard rock, but they're actually heavy as f***
    Although I'm confused as to whether Ben is still playing guitar. I really hope he is.
    I got into this band about a year ago but haven't listened to them for about 2 months now. today i listened and then i saw this. coincidence?
    I can't see the clip for some reason. I was really disappointed to hear that the other guys left the band, because I felt like they were trying to keep the hard rock edge, while Ben himself was writing slower, darker stuff. I can't blame him for expressing himself, but Dear Agony was not to my taste. I'm trying to reserve judgement until I hear the new BB stuff though, because I was not a big fan of the new band that the other members formed (Stardog Champion). They kept that hard rock sound, but the songwriting is just not there without Ben.
    Just the drummer left, Aaron and Mark were given the boot over a dispute mostly regarding a remix for Blow Me Away in which they let some random female singer do dual vocals on it without notifying Ben, who was pretty pissed over it. Considering how rubbish it sounded, I'd have been too
    I agree. I remember hearing it for the first time on satellite radio at a friend's house and being completely and utterly confused. I really like Aaron's guitar work, but I can't believe they thought that was a good idea. If I remember right, the female singer in question was in a band that gained a bunch of popularity not long before they released the duet version, but has since faded into obscurity. I just googled it and yeah, the band was Valora. They don't even have a Wikipedia page, if that says anything. Which means I can't find any evidence that they were even popular at all before the Blow Me Away re-release.
    This band always had awesome instrumentals with the weirdest lyrics. Looking forward to hearing what they do next.
    So, uh, anyone want to write some tabs of the teaser while we wait?
    Check those downstrokes from Jason Raunch in the back... Cool video though and it sounds sick!
    If this sounds anything like Phobia and Dear Agony then I won't even bother listening. Saturate and We Are Not Alone were by far the best albums this band put out.
    Yay! Another post grunge/wanna be nu metal shitty band calls it a comeback! Hooray for mediocrity!