Breaking Benjamin Not Breaking Up

Frontman Ben Burley responds to rumors that the band has broken up.

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Rumors have been spreading across the Internet of the demise of Breaking Benjamin, but apparently the rumors are false.

A cancelled show on June 3rd in Vancouver, British Columbia due to "illness" has apparently fueled the rumor. In addition, a couple of Benjamin Burley solo dates may have also added to the speculation.

On June 29th, frontman Benjamin Burley took to the internet to quell the rumors, with the following message taken from the band's site ( as well as Twitter and Facebook:

"Hey everyone, Benjamin here. I am officially letting everyone know that Breaking Benjamin has NOT broken up! This is just a false rumor that, through the miracle of modern technology, has unfortunately spread.

"I am currently taking some time off from touring to further address some health issues that I have been dealing with for some years now which has been posted previously on the shallow bay website and expressed in many recent interviews. I am performing two solo acoustic shows in July but this in no way means that I have left, or am ever going to leave, Breaking Benjamin.

"In closing I'd like to thank our incredible fans for their concern. The only thing that I ask, is for everyone to not believe any rumors you hear on the Internet especially when it does not come directly from the band. We hope that our fans know that we love them and are forever grateful of their continuing support.

"Much love, Benjamin Burnley"

This is not the first time Breaking Benjamin has had break up rumors swirling around the web. The band was a no show on for a show in Atlanta on July 9th, 2007. The band then posted on their website that they were cancelling the rest of the dates on the tour. Ben's health issues were later cited as the cause of the cancellations, but not before rumors of the band's demise.

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    I read in an article he had something called "wet brain" from excessive drinking, which really messed him up. Though BB has repetitive music, they're overall good musicians & I can respect them. Poor Ben, hope he gets better soon.
    Mr_Cbone93 wrote: the health issue wouldnt happen to be drinking again, would it? hope not
    From what I've heard it's mental issues, like manic depression
    This is my favorite band, so I'm definitely glad they're not breaking it off. Too much talent between the four of them to quit. Cool guys, I've seen em live twice and they put on a hell of a show.
    I like their music but would like to see them step up their playing skills its starting to all sound the same
    YeahKyuss wrote: Mr_Cbone93 wrote: the health issue wouldnt happen to be drinking again, would it? hope not From what I've heard it's mental issues, like manic depression
    I've heard about that too. I guess got it from drinking which caused Wernicke's encephalopathy (wet brain. The neuropathy of Wernicke's encephalopathy causes neuron death due to the effects of thiamine deficiency upon astrocytes. This causes alterations in their glutamate uptake, through changes in the levels of the astrocytic glutamate transporters EAAT1 and EAAT2 creating excitotoxicity. Other changes include those to the GABA transporter subtype GAT-3, GFAP, glutamine synthetase, the water channel protein Aquaporin 4. These create lactic acidosis, brain edema, oxidative stress, inflammation, and white matter damage. Treatment begins with intravenous or intramuscular injection of thiamine, followed by assessment of central nervous system and metabolic conditions. In the presence of sub-clinical thiamine deficiency, a large dose of sugar (especially glucose) can precipitate the onset of overt encephalopathy[8]; therefore, correcting hypoglycemia should not be attempted before thiamine replenishment. Rehydration to restore blood volume should follow, as needed. So I hope he gets better really soon!