Brian May Announces 'A Very Busy Year' for Queen

Band may hit the road again in 2014.

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In a post on his official website, Brian May has revealed that 2014 is shaping up to be a busy year for Queen:

"It looks like it will be a very busy year for us. We seem to be still hovering on the button as I write, ready to start the engine rolling on the Freddie film. It's been a long haul as you know, trying to assemble the right team to make the film. And I have learned, in my short time in the movie world, that availability is everything. It's no use assembling a team whose members are not all available at the same time!

"There are windows of opportunity, when everyone you need is free, but the windows can close unexpectedly, and it's back to the drawing board! But the line-up is looking very exciting ... I think just the announcement will cause a bit of a sensation!" 

As well as talking about the Freddie Mercury biopic, May revealed that he and Roger Taylor are looking at taking Queen out on the road again. There is no word yet on who else will join them:

"We've also been looking at doing some dates - Roger and myself, and who knows who else! Ha ha! Of course these days nothing is a secret for more than the 5 minutes it takes for Twitter and Facebook to spread rumours. But today [15 Jan] I saw an amazing working list of dates, and ... well, I think we're up for one more swing out there. In fact, in our Queen meeting today, we drank on it!"

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    Would you take a look at that hair and appreciate his undying rock n' roll spirit for a second, guys.
    I won't lie. I'm quite disappointed that my comment didn't get the medal.
    Sorry bro.... you are a one trick pony. And since "bellend" did not appear anywhere in your comment, it went unnoticed.
    You clearly tried way too hard. You should be demoted to UG janitorial duties for the next 30 days as a result of that comment.
    Funny instantly thought get a hair cut, old geezer.
    he'll never cut it off, even when its as white as it is now it will always be there. glad he isnt balding
    Great news, just get rid of Lambert and bring someone better on the vocals.
    who do you replace Freddie Mercury with? No one will be able to sing the songs like he could.
    Way Cool JR.
    The only person that I have liked with them is Marc Martel. He's a very gifted singer and a Godsend to Queen IMO. Lambert is just a terrible, terrible fit with the band. The only reason he resonates with so many people is because of his popularity. Marc Martel runs circles around him but he's relatively unknown. When it comes to Queen they need to pick the best around not the most popular.
    I like Lambert with the band, it really looks like everyone was having fun at those gigs, and to me thats the most important, plus he's an actual fan and I believe tries his best to do justice to the material.
    Way Cool JR.
    So you're saying Marc is not an actual fan and doesn't try his best to do the material justice? Because if you are, you are just so completely wrong it hurts.
    Oh relax man, I think Marc Martel is great. Just don't think Lambert's that bad. This is just a question I'm thinking, but do you think after playing with someone for 20 years or so like they did with Freddie, that it would be weird playing with a singer that sounds so alike Freddie? I mean it makes total sense to have that, give the fans what they want and such, just personally as a musician myself, I think I'd always want to do things at least a little differently.
    It's quite obvious that you haven't seem them live with him, then.
    I've seen them with Lambert. And the best part of the gig were the few songs that Brian and Roger played and sang alone. Lambert was good only on a few songs and butchered at least half of the set. No need to invite him once again.
    May really needs to stop trying to keep Queen going, it's just sad. They were one of those bands where every member was crucial, it just won't work without Freddie, or Deacon for that matter. I'd kill for a new May solo album.
    I love you Brian, but give it a f*cking rest already. Queen's been milked for all it can, and I just want to hear some new material. (By "new material", I don't mean old recordings, either) He's such a fantastic guitarist with so much potential, but sometimes it seems like all he wants to do is tour the same songs over and over again.
    After the embarrassment that was Rock The Cosmos I'd rather they stuck to their old stuff or May put out a new album. There's been talk of unheard recordings of Mercury's final demo's, brilliant, just don't bring anything with a new singer out and call it Queen...
    As I said, I don't want to hear the unheard recordings. Similarly to Jimi Hendrix, there's probably a reason we never heard any of the music that people keep packaging into an album every couple of years.
    I think Lambert or George Michael are the only singers that make sense.
    Maybe he should just let the name Queen rest and continue under his own name instead. No one can replace Freddie. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just that in my opinion, you can't go on calling yourself Queen when you lose such a defining person to the sound. If he goes on under his own name, he can still do all he does now, and at the same time still honor Queen for what it [i]was .
    I just wish that Brian May would have the courage to go out there and tour using the name "Brian May" rather than soiling the memory of Queen. Its not Queen without Freddie Mercury and John Deacon - its Brian and Roger doing the music of Queen. I could get it if they had immediately announced a decision to carry on after Freddie's death and had been writing quality new music since but that's not the case.I saw them in Stockholm with Paul Rodgers (who is an excellent singer) but it was a mash up of classic Queen and Free songs. Whats that all about ? Its a very cynical way of extracting maximum cash from a younger audience that never got to see the original Queen in their prime. Sorry for the rant but the cynicism from Brian 'I love the Badgers' May is quite incongruent and annoying. And relax.....
    I reckon Graham Bonnet should front Queen on tour. If you don't know who i'm talking about, he fronted Rainbow back in '79/'80. Great voice!
    Well, I for one really want a chance to see them live. I missed them back in 2005, and will not miss them this time around.