Brian May Is Clear From Cancer

artist: Brian May date: 01/15/2014 category: general music news

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Brian May Is Clear From Cancer
Brian May has revealed that he is in the clear from cancer, Classic Rock reports. The Queen guitarist underwent a series of urgent tests in December of last year when the disease was suspected.

"I got a great call from my specialist. He said, 'I have good news: the result of your prostate biopsy is here, and we did not find any cancer cells.'

"So finally, as far as that vital organ is concerned, I am – thank God – in the clear.  It's a great relief. I celebrated in the studio with a cup of tea. Hey, I know how to rock!"

Regarding the messages of support that he received from fans, May noted: "I never realised I was so much thought of."

May also hinted that he has discovered some unreleased Queen material in the vaults that may be seeing a release soon:

"Some Queen magic is happening; I feel it in my bones. It's annoying to have to be secretive, but I guess I have to, for now.

"What I can say is the track we dusted off today has the four of us – Freddie, John, Roger and myself – playing together on a track we'd all forgotten about that was never finished.

"It sounds so fresh, exactly like it did off the 24-track tape it was recorded on, over 30 years ago. I got quite emotional hearing some of it. It's crying out to be finally brought into the world."

In other Queen news, the band has recently made a long out of print concert film available for streaming on YouTube. You can watch the hour long film of the band's performance at Rock in Rio 1985 below.

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