Brian May Named PETA's Person Of The Year For Badger Activism

Brian May has been named animal welfare charity PETA UK's Person of the Year for his efforts to help stop the culling of badgers.

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Brian May has been named animal welfare charity PETA UK's Person of the Year for his efforts to help stop the culling of badgers.

The former Queen guitarist's group Save Me formed Team Badger alongside PETA and various other animal welfare groups.

PETA's Mimi Bekhechi said of May: "In his fight to save Britain's badgers, Brian May never backed down: he spread his message of compassion for animals through everything he said, wrote and even wore until the world sat up and paid attention. His tenacity and boldness are an inspiration to kind people everywhere."

Badgers are currently under threat after farmers in England were given a licence to shoot them in a bid to reduce tuberculosis in cattle for the first time in Gloucestershire.

"The disease comes from cows, it doesn't come from badgers," May has explained. "It's a very unfair situation. Badgers have been the scapegoat for years and years and farmers have been killing badgers for many, many years now."

He added: "All the scientific evidence that's been done 11,000 badgers were killed in the ISG [Independent Scientific Group]'s experiment... and their conclusion was that killing badgers cannot meaningfully contribute to the problem of bovine TB in cattle. It's completely unequivocal."

The government hopes the licences and that the death of an estimated 100,000 badgers will help curb the scourge of TB in cattle, which led to 26,000 cows being slaughtered in 2011.

May is not the first musical star to receive PETA's honour. Morrissey was named PETA UK's Person of the Year in 2011.

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    I would treat that more as an insult knowing what PETA are like.
    I was about to say, an organization that supports terrorism, kills animals (not joking), is against animal testing despite it saving lives, even that of high ranking PETA members, etc, is no organization to align yourself with. That said, good for Brian May.
    What Brian does for animals is good. PETA are nutjobs though.
    Peta are terrible and hypocritical beings. Hurray for Brian saving badgers though. I like badgers. Even though they kind of crush your legs with their teeth.
    That picture of him at the top of the article holding a badger should be his next album cover
    Nothing coming from PETA is an honor. Unless they were giving out pounds of bacon as prizes!
    I'm vegetarian, and hate PETA But Brian May is like my ****ing role model a PHD in Astrophysics, built his own guitar, guitarist in Queen, and now he saves badgers
    Man his hair is grey as hell now, I saw him in the late 90s , still black. how time flies
    Mike Quall
    who cares about badgers? all the damn things do is put holes in the ground and ruin my lawn.
    I like animals but PETA are just mental. Do they honestly think they will completely stop people from killing animals?!
    Brian May and Badgers ****ing rule. Not a fan of PETA, though.
    First he's an awesome guitarist, then he gets his PhD in astrophysics, now he's saving badgers. What CANT Brian May do? I'm just waiting for the "Brian May creates giant robot that runs on guitar solos" headline.
    I don't know if anyone has been around badgers much, but that one in the picture must be doped out of its mind, cause they are mean mofos...