Brian May Officially Confirms Psy Collaboration

artist: Brian May date: 06/19/2013 category: music news
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Brian May Officially Confirms Psy Collaboration
Queen guitarist Brian May has officially confirmed that he will be joining forces with K-pop sensation Psy. "Gangnam Style" singer first announced meeting with May for brunch last week, and it would seem that it went pretty well, as the pair already has a few ideas figured out about the new single. "I met the guy and we had a very interesting chat," said the guitarist in an MTV exclusive. "He's a very thoughtful man and a significant artist. He's also encyclopedic about Queen and says the reason he wanted to sing is because he saw Queen at Wembley '86 on video. We have a couple of ideas, so yeah I'm up for it." May confessed being aware that such a collaboration is baffling to many fans, but also stressed that "rock and roll is not a closed shop." "I've had all sorts of people tweeting me saying 'How could you do that? He's a popstar!' and thinking it's very trivial, but 1.6 billion hits on YouTube you don't get for nothing," the axeman said. "Rock and roll is not a closed shop, you've got to have an open mind in life, and a lot of the most interesting stuff happens when you interact with someone you never would've dreamed you could interact with." Several days ago, May announced yet another collaboration, this time around with "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert. According to guitarist, drummer Roger Taylor and himself are in talks with the singer about "doing an event."
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