Brian May Officially Confirms Psy Collaboration

Iconic Queen axeman set to join forces with K-pop sensation, calling him "a significant artist."

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Queen guitarist Brian May has officially confirmed that he will be joining forces with K-pop sensation Psy.

"Gangnam Style" singer first announced meeting with May for brunch last week, and it would seem that it went pretty well, as the pair already has a few ideas figured out about the new single.

"I met the guy and we had a very interesting chat," said the guitarist in an MTV exclusive. "He's a very thoughtful man and a significant artist. He's also encyclopedic about Queen and says the reason he wanted to sing is because he saw Queen at Wembley '86 on video. We have a couple of ideas, so yeah I'm up for it."

May confessed being aware that such a collaboration is baffling to many fans, but also stressed that "rock and roll is not a closed shop."

"I've had all sorts of people tweeting me saying 'How could you do that? He's a popstar!' and thinking it's very trivial, but 1.6 billion hits on YouTube you don't get for nothing," the axeman said. "Rock and roll is not a closed shop, you've got to have an open mind in life, and a lot of the most interesting stuff happens when you interact with someone you never would've dreamed you could interact with."

Several days ago, May announced yet another collaboration, this time around with "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert. According to guitarist, drummer Roger Taylor and himself are in talks with the singer about "doing an event."

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    May is a legend but he does so much lame stuff.
    He just does stuff cos it's fun, and is too old to care what people on the internet think. I think a lot of modern musicians could take a leaf out of his book.
    If you choose your colab partners to be Psy and Adam Lambert you're after the popularity, fame or money. When did Brian May last do a colab with someone completely unheard of "just for fun"? Saying this is about the music is like saying Anna Nicole Smith married for love. It's possible, just not very probable.
    If he's too old to care in the next song he's in are we going to hear him fart half way through, because that's what old people do when they stop caring about what people think.
    He's clearly still serious about his music. He does music that he thinks will be good. If he thinks it will serve the song well he'll probably do it. But I don't think Brian May is the kind of musician that would do that.
    I disagree. May is a legend and he still thinks like one of us. He does shit for fun, he jumps into stuff and their collaboration could be lame, but it could also be kick ass. I dig Psy, the dude's funny, or at least his videos are, and that's good enough for me.
    I love his playing but he is kinda contradicting, like he bashed the voice which actually finds pretty good singers but then is gonna collaborate with an autotuned rapper. doesn't make sense to me.
    Gonna be interesting either way. Guess we'll hear about it in the wtf section.
    I know I'll get downvotes for this, but I'll never understand why Psy gets more respect for being more "unique" or just plain "better" than most pop stars. Is it really deserved? He wrote a hit song with a mildly entertaining video. That's all. Personally, Gangnam Style makes my ears hurt. No, not because it's not "OMG BR00TAL METALS", I just don't like it.
    It's certainly because of the video and perhaps the korean language, musically it's nothing new at all. That being said, I lol'd multiple times with his videos.
    Why are people so shocked about Brian May collaborating with Psy? I mean, he HAS been featured on a Dappy song, plus a lot of rock and metal bands have had collaborations with other non rock/metal artists, some with acclaim. May's hardly the first. Take Anthrax and Public Enemy, Aerosmith and Run-DMC, and Metallica and Marianne Faithfull for example. Even Alice Cooper did a song with Ke$ha...
    Those collaborations don't really compare as they all come from respectable artists. Except the Ke$ha one, that's just horrible.
    Darth Wader
    Listen, Brian May is probably bored because he hasn't done anything relevant in the past 30 years. Cut him some slack!
    I'm glad famous classic rock musicians aren't elitist jerks like their fanboys and are actually OK with having fun with music.
    i wanna throw a bowl of kimchi at psy's stupid face and knock him of his invisible horse.... there are tonnes of other talented musicians around. why doesn't brian may collaborate with them instead?
    If we are just going to go off of youtube hits then May should also collaborate with Bieber!!! LOL
    I love how in another article he was complaining about modern music and now he's collaborating with Psy...
    PSY actually incorporates guitar into a bunch of his older songs, a Brian May solo could produce interesting results. Then again it could completely flop. I'm going to wait and see before delivering a verdict.
    I mean, I guess he's a "significant artist" in the sense that he became so insanely popular in such a short amount of time, but there's no true heartfelt love for him or anything. Here's a factor showing the impersonal attraction for Psy by American audiences: out of all of the Americans that have heard Gangnam Style, I'm sure that only 0.5% of them actually know the English translation of what he's saying. And I'm sure they don't care, either.
    Damnit, man **** this psy guy, makes one song and everyone thinks hes the best, like every pop star.
    The worst part about it is that he "song" is popular NOT because it sounds good, or is performed well at all. It's popular because people thought the song/video was a comedy bit! It's all a quick little gimmick/fad. the dude has NO other music that is worth a hill of beans. Ride the bandwagon May....hope you make a buck or 2 off of it.
    I don't see why people see this as outrageous or silly after he's already joined up with ****ing Adam Lambert.
    Billie Joe was right.. Psy is the herpes of music
    I know!! Greenday were doing fine as being the herpes of music until Psy came alone and stole that title from them.
    Brian May has earned the right to do whatever he likes but seriously... meh
    All I get out of this is that Psy is out of ideas... which is weird. Hasn't he only come out with 2 songs? heh
    Well, I love Brian May and Psy I find really fun. So I don't have a problem with this.
    We all need money , and this probably was the fastest and easiest way . And hey , better psy then lady gaga or some other dipsh*t.....
    Gotta have to disagree with you here, in my book Psy doesn't have any talent compared to Gaga and I would love a collaboration between Queen or Bowie and her. Listen to Gaga playing her songs by herself on the piano it's excellent. Too bad she's always making a fool of herself.
    Fun thing is, Psy is actually a Berklee College of Music graduate. He has talent, he has a lot of skill; That is not a school you can cruise through with no talent. I've seen the Gaga (/Stefani Germanotta) piano stuff as well, which was also pretty great. Making a case for 'who's more talented' seems like a waste of time though; Both amazingly talented people that are putting out music I don't like, which is okay.
    First Marty Friedman with his gay 'Fanta' pop band and now this, stahp D':
    Psy can blow up a room in a rare way. This is undeniable. That fact aside, May doing one song with Psy can't possibly be as bad as doing an entire album with Lou Reed, right?