Bring Me The Horizon Attack Fan

artist: Bring Me the Horizon date: 11/09/2011 category: music news
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Bring Me The Horizon Attack Fan
Bring Me The Horizon guitarist Jona Weinhofen and singer Oly Sykes are alleged to have attacked a member of the audience at their concert in Helsinki, Finland. The band were supporting Machine Head when a heckler prompted the guitarist to jump from the stage. A YouTube video, embedded below, appears to show Weinhofen leap into the crowd at 4:14 and hit someone several times. Sykes follows and strikes his arm down as if to hit someone. There is a loud "pop", suggesting he may have used his microphone as a weapon before security pulled him back from the crowd. Blabbermouth report that the band were soon forced to end their set after someone pulled the plug. Weinhofen later tweeted "Broke my hand...bummed!" and has apparently continued the tour with a cast and only two functioning fingers. He later admitted the assault. We asked their management about the incident, who simply replied "lol." The manager of the venue told the Finnish daily newspaper Iltalehti that no such incident took place. This is not the first time Oli Sykes has been accused of assault. In 2007, a female fan claimed that he urinated on her before throwing a bottle at her which she said resulted in a facial injury. These charges were dropped because of a lack of evidence. Watch a fan video of the incident from around 4:10 to decide for yourself what happened:
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