Bring Me The Horizon Confirm Guitarist Departure

Bring Me The Horizon guitarist Jona Weinhofen has confirmed that he has left the band.

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Bring Me The Horizon guitarist Jona Weinhofen has confirmed that he has left the band, NME reports.

The band confirmed the departure of Weinhofen on Twitter, posting a message which said simply: "Bring Me The Horizon are Oliver Sykes, Lee Malia, Matthew Kean, Matthew Nicholls and Jordan Fish. Jona Weinhofen is no longer in the band."

Weinhofen responded to the news of his departure by telling his Twitter followers: "I am no longer a member of @bmthofficial, however I can not yet comment on the reasons why or who made the decision."

Adding: "I would also like to say thank you for all the love and support from my amazing fans! Hopefully you'll all keep supporting me in future."

The seeds of Weinhofen's departure were first laid over a year ago when the rhythm guitarist posted a message on his Tumblr which hinted at his desire to return home to Australia and revealed "tension" within the Sheffield group. Posting online in 2011, in a post which has since been deleted, Weinhofen wrote:

"After a lot of time and thought I've decided to leave my current position as guitarist with Bring Me The Horizon. Things in the band have been very tense with a lot of disagreements between myself and certain members who I wont name.

"I'm thankful for my time with BMTH and I have met many good friends and been able to travel the world more.

"I'm planning on moving back to Australia to pursue other musical ventures."

Weinhofen's eventual departure came some twelve months later. Bring Me The Horizon are set to release their new album "Sempiternal" in April of this year.

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    well now some other guy will have to learn 26 songs of 0-0-0-000-0-00-00-00-000
    Pretty small shoes to fill. They could easily replace him with any angsty 15 year old who owns a guitar.
    The only talented/nice one in the band. I have heard a lot of talk about the rest of the guys.
    I'd love to add another "This band sucks" type of post, but how about I just clarify my thoughts on them. They have a terrible sound, are absolutely unoriginal, and aside from the rumors of poor treatment of fans by certain members, I just don't have the time for this nonsense they call music. I like a lot of modern metal, but not this garbage.
    Now we just need the rest of them to leave, the band won't exist any more and we'll never have to read another article on UG about them ever again!
    I'm really not the type to rag on bands because of their genre or how they look, but this band should just quit.
    I don't understand the hate on BMTH. Everyone shits on them for their chugs, lack of complicated guitar riffs, etc. Still sounds good to me mate. Plus their use of gothic synths is pretty neat IMO
    I listen to a lot of things that are the furthest thing from complicated. So do a lot of other people that also listen to chuggachugga music. It's probably just because they sound bad, honestly.
    Really, who can say BMTH wasnt awesome during the Count Your Blessings and Suicide Season era? They were. Now, Jona is a nice guy, and the only problem here is Oli, who is a ****.
    Just by scanning the Reviews and News links on the UG homepage today I see Attack! Attack! , Black Veil Brides , Hollywood Undead and Bring Me the Horizon . What the F**K is going on with this site lately?!? Is this site even geared towards guitar players anymore? I don't get it.
    All of these bands, besides maybe the one I'm not familiar with, do in fact have guitars in case you haven't noticed.
    These are the bands that are gaining mainstream popularity, of course you're going to see them in the headlines of a music website.
    link no1
    Ever actually listened to a Black Veil Brides song without the mindset of "they look gay therefore they are"? I wouldn't bother though, I will take a wild stab in the dark and say 95% of this website would struggle playing BMTH songs...
    I really don't care whether or not they're "gay"... I'm talking about their music, Thanks. Anyway. I was just expressing my disappointment that this site had so much space dedicated to bands like this. By "bands like this" I mean yet another batch of generic boy bands with guitars and stylists who make them look nice and pretty for their teenage girl fans but have ZERO musical substance. Your wild stab in the dark is probably off. Any novice who's played guitar for more than a few months and has any potential whatsoever can play this crap. If you can't it's either because you JUST picked up a guitar or because you were probably never meant to.
    i actually never listened to these guys. so i looked them up on youtube, seen the one of the first result "rawwwwwr !" and said "faggy scene kid shit" and closed the window. and judging by all the comments here, i'm not missing anything
    Good job passing judgment before even listening to the music. I applaud you.
    The only good member left is matt nichols, the rest are pretty much garbage
    Are people STILL on the whole 'Bring Me The Horizon are gay/not metal/scene ' thing? I didn't know it was still 2008 somewhere.
    everyone always hates on this band but they didn't get this big because nobody likes their music. i'm not their biggest fan but i still like their stuff. it's not because the songs aren't hard to play that they suck, all the 0-000-0-00-00-000..... sounds good to me
    I loved they're first EP and the first album because it had some great guitar work and had a death metal sound. After Suicide Season everything became so cleaned up and unoriginal.
    Maybe he'll finally be able to make I Killed The Prom Queen finish their third album?
    Jona said that he would be a part of both bands during IKTPQ recording and touring. Hopefully now he can focus on the better band (obviously IKTPQ). Can't blame him for choosing one over the other.
    He was having arguments with Sykes. Now he can focus on the only good band he has been in.
    Its funny reading half of these comments. I mean really, I'll be honest, BMTH arent really my cup of tea nor do i really like their music, BUT, how can you flame a band that is successful, tours the world, is well paid, has a large following and is pretty much doing something that 95% of people that subscribe to this site would give everything for. Im not sticking up for BMTH either. Its the continual trolling and flaming that goes on within this website. Its getting old. When was the last time your band played at Rock Am Ring?
    I'm pretty sure he joined I Killed The Prom Queen which is without a doubt better than BMTH. good for him
    Just so you all know, that statment came from an April fools day post over a year ago! But yeah Jona has left the band