Bring Me The Horizon Stream Album 'Sempiternal'

Singer Oli Sykes says their new album includes "the best stuff I've ever written." See if you agree with their new album stream here.

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Bring Me The Horizon are streaming their fourth album "Sempiternal" in its entirely, which you can hear in the player below.

The global release date has been moved to April 1 except the US, where it will arrive on April 2, due to "overwhelming demand."

"There's a very euphoric sound coursing through the album, a very uplifting but yet sad sound," said frontman Oli Sykes (via Blabbermouth). "Electronically, it's far more advanced than anything we've done before."

Sykes adds that writing "Sempiternal" was completely different to their normal process. "We worked from a computer, laying down ideas and riffs and working on them tirelessly until we had what we wanted," he said.

Sykes adds: "The lyrical theme is everything. My head was a lot clearer when writing this time and it allowed me to write from a different perspective. It's the best stuff I've ever written, in my opinion. It's very dramatic, quite blunt, and at times sarcastic, but the biggest part of it is how it is combined with the music to bring the listener vivid imagery and emotion. I think we really managed to pull that off."

Listen to "Sempiternal" by Bring Me The Horizon:

The YouTube stream isn't available in every country, so here's a Soundcloud track as an alternative:

What do you think? Let us know your first impressions in the comments.

"Sempiternal" track listing:

01. Can You Feel My Heart 02. The House Of Wolves 03. Empire (Let Them Sing) 04. Sleepwalking 05. Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake 06. Shadow Moses 07. And The Snakes Start To Sing 08. Seen It All Before 09. Antivist 10. Crooked Young 11. Hospitals For Souls

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    I have to say I don't hate the band for the sake of it as most people do, I hate the vocals on their old music but their new track shadow moses isn't too bad. At least it's an improvement. But seriously, I can't stream an album from a UK band in the UK? What?
    I've always detested this band. The vocalist in particular. I actually listened to the "Antivist" song with an open mind though and I have to say... it was atrocious.
    Mr Winters
    Have you seen them live? I have. It is a painful experience.
    Does he piss on people?
    Mr Winters
    No, but he spits. Luckily for us we retired to the back of the venue when BMTH came out and all the spit went to the 16 year old fat emo kids. Machine Head played after them so it was worth the suffering and the ear-rape.
    Wow, I was gonna say, why did you go? Machine Head and BMTH sounds like a weird combo for a concert. I might have to deal with them if I go to Warped Tour, but Im still waiting for bigger bands to get announced. Im only mainly excited for August Burns Red.
    Mr Winters
    It was Darkest Hour, DevilDriver, BMTH and Machine Head. Could have been a perfect show, but BMTH had to be there.
    BMTH were main support when MH toured the UK. They received a lot of hate on that tour
    I agree, Antivist is an incredibly bad song, I can get a similar tone on guitar pro 6, and the lyrics are an excuse to swear a lot, and nothing else
    This is my first time listening to them. I just tried the first song out of curiosity, it wasn't horrible until the vocals started. Now I know why I've been avoiding listening to them.
    I thought musically it was rather good. Lyrics and vocals are childish and angsty. I dont expect more from an a**hole like Oli Sykes though.
    This album is 1000x better than their older shit. Of course, I'm going to get downvotes, but whatever. I'm glad they ditched their horrible Count Your Blessings sound, and are now focusing on emotion rather than breakdowns and screaming without any real melody. edit: and change the ****ing thumbnail. That was like 4 years, two members, and three albums ago.
    I wholeheartedly agree that this is the best stuff they've written. Doesn't mean much when everything they've done is unlistenable, though.
    When I first heard Bring Me The Horizon a few years ago, I detested them as well. But I sat down and listened, and I found they did have a decent song here and there. At that point, it was like one on each album.... But although I didn't care for the album, I liked the style of their last album. The few tracks I've heard from this have me very excited - I didn't like "Shadow Moses", but "Can You Feel My Heart" and "The House of Wolves" really struck me. I actually substantially like these songs, and am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. I do have to say that I don't understand how they've garnered all this hate on here....hmm.
    Why are bands still moving to a worldwide release date without silly Japanese only releases? It enver made any sense to me.
    Sykes sounds a lot less "whiny" in this one, id say. Still, it's definitely not gonna convert me, anytime soon XD Nice try guys.
    Yeah sure. No one from Finland would've wanted to hear this anyways. We are just like the only country where metal actually is popular and most people know other metal bands than metallica.
    I will probably never come to understand how in hell there ever could possibly be anyone who likes this band... lol
    The troublesome thing about metalcore is that it can either be really good, or really awfully bad, depending on the band. This band belongs to the latter group.
    Not that I agree, but I won't say that you're wrong. Shadow Moses is a pretty good song though.
    "In other news, the stream still sits at a whopping zero listens".
    I've honestly never liked this type of production work on music, aside from the fact that I can't stand the music. It just sounds over-layered with way too many plugins and guitar tracks. There is no band that naturally sounds like this. I'm also pretty sure those drums are sampled. Even if that wasn't the case, there are probably a hell of a lot of more original bands out there that could use a boost like this.
    Gonna be down rated for this, but i love this album, it's such a great progression from 'there is a hell...' which was also a great album. Just because they're not the most technical musicians in the world, I still dont think they deserve all the hate. But I guess thats just my subjective opinion.
    I disagree. I think that this album is "There is a Hell..." part 2. I'm okay with that, given that it was a solid record. The massive swing up in quality from Suicide Season (and their previous stuff) to the last album was massive. Maybe I had my expectations set too high when I thought they could replicate that rise again.
    I really really enjoy the full album. It's really good. Hate on me for being a fan of them.
    I'll buy the CD, just to see if it reads "Terry Bull - vocals" and "Abyss Mall - drums" in the backcover.
    This isn't any better than their old stuff. Oli Sykes is a bad vocalist and their guitarist is still awful. It's a shame these guys are more successful than a lot hard-working metal bands.