British Festivals Ban Legal Highs

The decision comes after a reported 80 percent increase in deaths related to legal highs in 2013.

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Glastonbury has joined a growing list of UK festivals that have banned the sale of legal highs by on-site traders at their events this summer, NME reports.

The decision comes after a reported 80 percent increase in deaths related to legal highs in 2013. Ben Turner, the co-founder and vice-chairman of the Association of Independent Festivals has issued the following statement about the situation:

"Legal highs are a serious concern for any festival organiser and the issue is only going to get bigger. Banning it at our festivals is only part of the battle however, we need to make fans aware of the dangers of legal highs and help them make safer choices when having fun on-site."

The festivals participating in the ban are: Glastonbury, T in the Park, Bestival, Lovebox, Global Gathering, Secret Garden Party, Sonisphere, We Are FSTVL, 2000trees, ArcTanGent, Kendal Calling, Festibelly, Blissfields, Truck, Brownstock, Y Not Festival, Tramlines, Belladrum Tartan Heart, Leefest, Nozstock, Wakestock, Shambala, Glasgow Summer Sessions, Parklife, Eden Sessions.

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    'we need to make fans aware of the dangers of legal highs and help them make safer choices when having fun on-site.' Safer choices, like illegal highs.
    Or you could just find another way of enjoying yourself that doesn't involve getting high.
    ...Booze?You must be talking about booze.People like to get high. Some people get high on life, we call them 'Mormons'. Others get high on drugs, colloquially known as 'nearly everyone'.
    I've never done any drugs for the purpose of getting a high (nothing against it though) and have never felt hindered from enjoying myself at events. I'd say it's a bigger problem if you become dependent on another substance just to get full enjoyment out of something.
    I've tried one, and I can easily say it was horrible and I'd never do it again, so I can see why they're banning it. Weed is a hell of a lot safer!
    Good decision but difficult to enforce. Ive taken some of these things before and they're awful. To be honest all the 'legal high' stuff just made me think its time now more than ever to legalise the 'normal' highs (to some extent) cause these legal ones are dirty.
    Too true, I've tried this legal stuff called "Clockwork Orange" (Bad idea based on the name, I know), sent me on a trip that made me want to quit life
    Stick to the stuff the government realised was too good for legalisation. Legal highs = headaches half the time. Remember Mkat? That shit was terrible, stick to mushrooms and other reliable hard drugs. If it's legal it hasn't been tested. If it hasn't been tested it might do you some serious harm. If it's's probably great (exceptions exist).
    ..seriously though I've never understood the concept of going to see some of your favourite bands and needing to be completely and totally off your head to enjoy it. I like to make memories at a show, not destroy them.
    drugs are shit, I know because i've had them including these pieces of shit
    So what they're effectively doing is making legal highs illegal... yeah, exactly how is that going to work out?
    Same way they check for anything else on entry? Most likely not going to be 100% effective but if it causes trouble it's worth a shot.
    So they've banned them. A rather toothless notion. Perhaps I'm naive but I've never had any difficulty encountering illegal highs at a festival, never mind legal ones. All just blah that doesn't actually address anything.
    Education. Educate festival-goers on the good and the bad. This drug is great, this drug isn't, try this for a good time, try this for palpitations blah blah blah. People stupid enough to take drugs nobody knows anything about need to be educated on such matters. I went to a festival last year and someone 2-3 tents near me died from dodgy ecstasy. I took 2g MD, 2g Ketamine, 2 sheets of acid and 8 2cb and I survived because I did my research. Legal highs are bad ****ing news mate. These drugs are created by people with either limited knowledge of chemistry or zero morals.
    The synth weed is 100x stronger than the natural which i'm fine with except it send me to a bad place. I've been more terrified on that than I have on bad mush and lucy trips. The only good thing I got out of the synth was a voice in my head telling me I shouldn't be doing this shyte, or cigs and I also had a music psychosis where everytime I smoked it I had a symphony of music playing in my head. When I couldn't tell if it was playing for real or not I took the benevolent voices advice and quit.
    Interesting that Download hasn't joined this list, after Glastonbury and T in the Park its probably the biggest music festival in the UK... maybe Reading/Leeds.. they're another notable absence
    Download has the highest concentration of douchebags of any festival I've been too though. Douchebaggery kills.
    Try not to be so one-dimensional man, rock and metal fans are one of the nicest crowds out there
    Honestly, this only shows that if you are going to get high on something it should be weed. Its not a miracle drug, but its a hell of a lot safer then most
    At least someone is doing banning these lagal highs... I don't get why the Government hasn't banned it generally. They do the same amount of damage (though effects may take more time), and when they kill, which they do, people still suffer. Good on the British Festivals for banning them
    Banning drugs doesn't stop people taking them. Try not to worry about the decisions other people make.
    It's because as they ban one legal substance, the manufacturers create another. They've got the perfect formula to send you tripping, but they add another molecule onto its structure to change each type slightly. So basically as the government chop off a head, 3 more grow in it's place
    I don't care what anyone says, but it's completely idiotic to go to a show/concert with the intent of getting high or drunk. I mean wouldn't you want to remember the show? I understand that you aren't technically going to be high all day(though I say that loosely), but if you're not there simply for the music, you shouldn't be there. Stay home and listen to a CD, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between live sound and stereo sound after the high wears off anyways *smh*