Brody Dalle Talks Touring With Josh Homme: 'It's Awesome'

Singer also talks playing Distillers songs live again.

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Brody Dalle has been speaking with NME about life on the road with Queens of the Stone Age.

As Dalle notes, touring with her husband's band is "awesome."

"We've done it before, we're taking our kids. It's super, extra fun."

The former Distillers frontwoman also spoke about her decision to start playing Distillers songs in her set again.

As Dalle notes: "I wrote them. They're my songs. I have a really large catalogue and I have a lot to pick from. I also didn't want to give, like, all my new songs away."

Dalle's debut solo album, titled "Diploid Love," will be released in April of this year. She will be touring with Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails in Australia later this month.

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    Can you imagine how crazy and awesome a lifestyle that is for their kids? Hanging out with dad while watching mom's set, then hanging out with mom watching dad's set in front of thousands of people? Getting to travel and see the world? Those kids will be bleeding rock and roll before theyre even teenagers.
    Yeah, rockstars' kids always turn out great.
    Depends on the rock stars. You don't necessarily have to be famous to be a jerk and alienate your kids. Good parents will be good parents.
    matteo cubano
    now though every family's difference, they mose likely miss out a lot on typical experiences of being kids and are alienated by having rockstar parents.