Bruce Dickinson Announced as National Leadership Summit Keynote Speaker

Iron Maiden frontman set to speak at Dublin forum this October.

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Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson was officially announced as the keynote speaker at the upcoming National Leadership Summit set to take place on October 22 in Dublin, Ireland.

The one-day summit was described as a forum focused on idea exchange regarding the senior executives' engagement with "passionate and creative leadership for innovation, survival and growth."

As not only a singer, but a pilot and an entrepreneur, Dickinson is very much up for discussing his projects. His unique story and the ability to give proper parallels between music and business career will likely turn the speech into a great listen.

"While Bruce still flies a variety of aircraft, he is also the man behind aircraft maintenance company, Cardiff Aviation, a project supported - although not funded - by the Welsh government," reads the official website announcement. "He hasn't stopped flying Boeing 757s or getting involved in a variety of aviation businesses, plus, more recently, developing a beer called 'Trooper' after one of the band's best-known stage-show tracks."

Iron Maiden recently topped the Billboard Hot Tours chart with a hefty $19 million earnings sum from 13 live shows. Metal icons were among the few guitar-driven artists in the top 10, beating the likes of Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Justin Bieber.

You can check out Dickinson's speech intro slide below.

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    It's pretty crazy to think that people like him are going these sort of things. Hell, when you saw Maiden in the 80's, you didn't see Dickinson and think, "Some day, that guy is going to be the keynote speaker for the National Leadership Summit."
    Scream for me Dublin!
    Haha I can imagine that! Then the rest of the band suddenly appears and they play an epic concert. That would be the best National Leadership Summit ever
    Bruce really does seem to have a finger in every pie going. Christ knows how he has the stamina. What a Trooper XD
    I'm going to be living in Dublin this fall. It may not be Maiden, but goddamn I'm going to see him speak
    When he's through with them, they're gonna be wearing gold plated diapers
    Great achievement for him...but he is not the leader of Iron Maiden