Bruce Dickinson: 'Making Beer Is an Art'

Iron Maiden frontman talks "The Trooper" beer: "People who say it's a gimmick obviously haven't drunk it."

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Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson discussed the making process of group's signature "The Trooper" beer, calling brewing an artform of its own. During a chat with CNN, the frontman insisted the metal icons had a reputation to maintain, turning "The Trooper" into a true challenge. "The original idea was that they'd just slap a label on it," Bruce explained. "We can't do that, we've got a reputation to keep up; anyway, I like beer - why don't we really, properly create our own brew?" Dickinson continued, "I wanted a beer that post above its weight in terms of flavor, but which didn't knock you on your a-s in terms of alcohol content. Real beer is not an industrial process, it's more than that because it is genuinely an art. The bitterness content of the hop changes every season, so how do you make a beer that tastes the same when the ingredients change every year?" Finally, the singer addressed the skeptics saying that signature Maiden beer is a gimmick, saying they're not something the band bothers with. "They obviously haven't drunk it," he said. "We have the power of brand of Iron Maiden, but if you open the bottle and you taste the beer and you go blargh, that's the end of your branding. And that reflects really badly on us." Although he is known for his entrepreneurial spirit, the latest stories of Dickinson being hired to manufacture drones for the US military had everyone quite surprised. The reports were instantly squashed by the vocalist's spokesperson, describing them as "totally inaccurate and malicious." After lat week's (September 13) San Bernardino performance, Iron Maiden are rumored to be planing their own festival. Apart from Maiden, the show itself also featured Megadeth, Testament, Anthrax, Sabaton, Overkill and Warbringer.

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    yup, drinking beer is an artform of its own as well... in other news - Bruce Dickinson is AWESOME!!!
    He fronts one of the greatest metal bands of all time.... he's an airplane pilot... and he makes beer..... Bruce is the man!!
    He is also a fencer, he supports charity, he hosted a radio programme, made a documentary about aviation, drove a tank, wrote several novels, co-wrote script to "Chemical Wedding film (in which he also appeared), visited a nuclear submarine, is involved in development of new technologies, oh, and in free time he also launched a commercial airline maintenance repair and overhaul operation and plans to save Astreaus Airlines.
    Thank you sir for pointing out what makes him even more awesome! I did not know he did all that other stuff as well... Up The Irons !
    He was in a pretty sweet documentary about spontaneous human combustion too, that was random.
    He is a god amongst mortal men (Alexander the Great quote there!)
    I'm amazed UG didn't make a thing about Bruce getting someone thrown out of a concert earlier this month.
    On the topic of the beer. I'd love to try their The Trooper beer at least once. But since I'm 20 at the moment thats going to have to wait.
    Way Cool JR.
    The true art is Bruce flying over my house and dropping a case right on my front porch. Then calling me to confirm the drop was successful. I would love to get my hands on some of this stuff. Up The Irons!
    A pub in the city I frequently commute to has this on tap, I tired some and it was very nice, I think it could sell quite well even if it didn't have the association with Iron Maiden.