Bruce Springsteen As Favourite To Write New US National Anthem

A new poll has seen 22% of Americans go for Bruce Springsteen as their first choice if they had to name someone to compose a new National Anthem.

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A new poll has seen 22% of Americans go for Bruce Springsteen as their first choice if they had to name someone to compose a new National Anthem.

Dolly Parton was second favourite to write a replacement track for "The Star Spangled Banner" as the country music superstar polled 19%, while Stevie Wonder came in third scoring 18% of the vote in the The 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, via Politico.

Bob Dylan was next up with 11%, followed by composer John Williams with 10%, Jay-Z with 8% and Madonna with 5%.

Bruce Springsteen will visit the UK in later this month with his "Wrecking Ball" tour, beginning at Sunderland Stadium of Light on June 21 before moving on to Manchester Etihad Stadium (22) and Isle Of Wight Festival (24). He will then return to headline London Hard Rock Calling on July 14.

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    I think Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the best candidates for writing a new national anthem.
    NeedACoffee wrote: I thought 'born in the USA' was the anthem...
    Shit, did not realise someone had already posted that. That'll teach me to comment first, read later!
    Spartan101400 wrote: I think Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the best candidates for writing a new national anthem.
    Ya, performed by Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld!
    rip3149 wrote: I thought Born in the USA was the national anthem...
    Well.. Then you should probably take a closer look at those lyrics.. It's pretty much a song making a bit of a fool out of USA!
    Yeah, so that a Presidential candidate uses it for his/her campaign, without realising the song's true meaning. Yes, I'm talking about you, Reagan!
    the anthem should be from the movie TEAM AMERICA: World Police the song AMERICA F YEAH
    Might as well have some c*m dumpster puppet like Rihanna do it. Then the new national anthem, like the old one, will be a joke but the morons will love it.
    The Man Himself
    BwareDWare94 wrote: Do Jay Z and Madonna even write songs?
    Nope, they both use ghost writers. Most people don't seem to care though.
    Jay-Z? Seriously? Thank god he wasn't chosen, I didn't want the anthem to be called as "Slut Strangled Rapper"...
    i am disgusted with the fact that jay z or madonna would be in the top.
    The new anthem should be at least 30 minutes long. And be instated before the olympics. It would piss other people of so much to have to sit through all of that.
    Anyway as an Englishman I think we're the ones in need of a new anthem after hearing it about a thousand times over this weekend, it's the dreariest sack of shit in the world. I think the Benny Hill theme would be more appropriate.
    I got 99 problems, but a Bin ain't one. Anyway, how about Rage Against The Machine?
    StormLexer wrote: Who the **** thought Jay-Z was a good idea for that list?
    People that listen to Jay-Z.....
    The anthem doesn't need to be a pop song. If this ever happened this country would be the laughing stock of the world.
    I agree. This may be off topic, but I would really like to see System of a Down attempt to make a national anthem just so I can hear it. I'm not saying that it would be the best national anthem, but it would be cool for them to write a song in that style in the future maybe on the next album (hopefully)
    If it were necessary, I'd vote that we let the greatest song writer of all time compose it. The luscious Bobbie Dillon
    Does anyone realise Born in the USA isn't exactly and ode to the States...?
    Born in the USA is almost an anti-american anthem, and still people think that's it's a nationalist anthem ( thank you Reagan)
    It's called the U.S.A. Not America. America is a continent that includes a lot more countries like Brasil, Chile, Argentina. Who the hell made the U.S. the only country in the continent? Nationalism did.
    killerkev321 wrote: Primus
    "I'm going down to USA, gonna have myself a time Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation..."
    Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Dying Fetus.... Death Metal is more appropiate than Jay Z or Madonna, lol.
    Yeah, lets just get some shitty mainstream musicians for a stupid meaningless poll. Fuck you, UG. What happened to relevant news about bands? You're a ****ing tabloid now
    As a 30 year fan...I love Springsteen. What he's written about the human desire for recognition for their work is immense. He never endorsed a candidate until Kerry in 2004. That's when I started to drift away. Art, to me, has always been about the abstract...the undefinable. When he chose to define his beliefs publicly he became a celebrity. He's a Kardashian. He used to write about an end and now he endorses a means to that end. His writing has suffered if you ask me. My beliefs aren't exactly the same as his, but it's only since he spoke up that I've felt sidelined as a fan.
    im not mental
    djc707 wrote: What's wrong with the anthem we already have?
    it's boring and shitty. i'd say woody guthrie would have written a great anthem, but i guess only the living can write something new. in that case, i'd nominate bob dylan.
    Ummmmm... DAVID GROHL!!!!! Geez guys, nobody's even mentioned Dave yet in a UG article? Shame