Bruce Springsteen: 'Real Men Don't Tweet'

Jersey icon shows great appreciation of internet, but is still "not gonna be tweeting."

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Jersey rock icon Bruce Springsteen recently showed a great interest and appreciation of internet, praising the web as a key factor for making his music heard across the globe.

Chatting with NPR, Bruce noted: "The Internet has become our friend, you know. We went to South America - hadn't been to South America in 25 years - we played for a lot of people. And I guarantee you very few of them had ever seen us before but I was shocked by how knowledgeable they were about the band. The first night we went into Santiago, Chile, and I realized after a few songs: 'I got it. The Internet.'

"In other words, if you're anywhere today, you're everywhere. There's no such thing as having not gone someplace anymore," the musician continued. "We sold 40,000 seats like the first day in Johannesburg. We've never been there. But you've been there somehow, because someone wants to come and see you. So the Internet now is something that I'm becoming very interested in and trying to find ways of just, you know, getting more music out there."

But Springsteen still has to draw the line somewhere, making it clear that personally posting tweets and updates on social networks is out of the question. "I mean, I'm not gonna be, you know I'm not gonna be tweeting," he said. "Somebody tweeted - I think I have someone that tweets for me, you know - 'Real men don't tweet' or something. I don't know, something. But someone has tweeted in my name."

Discussing the matter of piracy, Bruce showed little concern, sharing an interesting idea about differently approaching bootlegs. "I think we live more in a Grateful Dead touring idea that everything you do is recorded now," he explained. "And that's OK with me, you know. As a matter of fact, I believe on this tour, we're starting to do something like you can come in, you can buy a [wrist]band, you can get a copy of the night's show. So hopefully we're gonna do that at a really nice-quality level."

Springsteen's latest studio effort, "High Hopes," saw its release on January 14 via Columbia Records.

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    So he's just been quoted on something that the article itself says he didn't say....Good going, UG
    Well, I have to admit that it worked; i clicked on the damn article after all. You win this round UG web team.
    Now I can use this to keep refusing social media when in actuality I just hate people. Go Bruce!
    Again, title is not acurate. Bruce is refering to someone that is tweeting in his name "Real Mean Don't Tweet". He never said/tweeted it and is not reflecting that upon males everywhere. I normally don't care about misleading UG titles but when it comes to Bruce I draw the line.
    Doesn't seem like he said it in an offensive way, as the title seems to suggest.
    I'll bet there's some nerdy fangirl out there he hired to tweet for him who he's met a bunch of times. Then he says "I think I have someone to do that" and she died a little inside.
    Good plan to sell the shows on USB... people download the bootlegs anyway, why not make some cash off them in a better quality.
    Hes right ,,real men dont tweet,being a man and tweeting is unrealistic behavior and that never happens when your "the boss".
    Real men do whatever they want because we're human beings with free will. All with different tastes and preferences.
    Real men can understand a joke, too.
    A pregnant woman gets into a car accident. She wakes up from a coma weeks later. The doctor tells her she had twins, a boy and a girl and they were in the care of her brother, who also named them. "Oh god" she says "What did he name them?" The girl he names "Denise" The woman sighs in relief "that's a pretty name, and the boy?" she asks. the nurse looks at her and says "Denephew"
    " Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm going back to jersey, whoa, whoa, whoa". - Every Bruce Springsteen song ever written. #irrelevanttometalmusic
    of course it's irrelevant to metal you bellend, you probably have a diabolical taste in music
    Notice that this site is called Ultimate-Guitar, and NOT Ultimate-Metal. And it's not called Twitter either.
    I'm pretty sure he said that in a joking manner. I actually follow his page and he definitely doesn't do it, but they've been having a Q&A on there the last couple nights with Tom Morello
    Real men visit their fans more often than once every 25 years. Fuck me, you leave it two and a half decades and then think"wow, the internet must have told them about me, they know so much!". Dick. Oh, and Metallica have been recording their shows and selling them online for HOW long now? Real original Bruce. Can't stand Springsteen and his blue collar crap.