Bruce Springsteen Releasing New Single Next Week

"High Hopes" to drop on November 25.

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Rock great Bruce Springsteen is reportedly releasing his new single "High Hopes" on November 25. According to Rolling Stone, the info surfaced on Sony Music Germany website, but wasn't confirmed by the official reps. As for the tune itself, the cover song was originally recorded by Bruce back in 1995 and released on a rare "Blood Brothers" EP. Written in 1987 by Tim Scott McConnell, the song once again found its spot on Springsteen's repertoire earlier this year during the musician's Australian concert trek. "We've never had a recording session during a tour in our lives," Springsteen explained. "We did a couple of things that I wanted to put down. So that was very exciting. And being with Tommy was exciting. The band - Steven, Nils, all those guys - continues to be a source of inspiration for me." Bruce will kick off his new tour in January and take the E Street Band through South Africa and Australia. Whether or not will "High Hopes" find its spot on the new album yet remains uncertain.

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    Thrice Capades
    Only worthwhile aspect of this song is Tom Morello. It's pretty well known that he can make even the most generic song sound amazing.
    I wish he'd re-release the Blood Brothers EP, it's the only CD of his that I'm missing from my collection which pisses me off since I got the Chimes of Freedom EP for like 4 dollars at CVS.
    Springsteen is the most overrated songwriter ever. He writes the most boring music, I really don't see how he has garnered any acclaim as a songwriter. His songs are all mind numbingly repetitive. The only thing different between his songs and pop music is that he uses rock instruments and his lyrics have a little bit more depth to them.....I want to shoot my feces at him via rectal projection.
    Such an overachiever. Boring radio pop, next. The only thing worse than Springsteen are hos fans, especially musicians that do tributes. Just the most insane illusion of depth.
    So all the people that covered his songs at his MusiCares show (Patti Smith, Elton John, Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Morello, Emmylou Harris, Sting) and all his millions of fans are all wrong, because you're right. Aha.
    WalrusNutFart, you pretty much contradicted yourself there by firstly saying Springsteen writes "the most boring music" and then saying "his lyrics have a little bit more depth to them"....