Bruce Springsteen to Luis Suarez: 'Biting Has No Place in Sports'

In case you missed the game on Tuesday, Uruguay star bit an opponent player for the third time.

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The World Cup was shocked this Tuesday (June 24) as Uruguay star Luis Suarez bit an opponent team player for the third time in his career, this time sinking his teeth into Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini.

Suarez is facing a lengthy ban from the World Cup and has severely marred his reputation yet again, even getting criticized by Bruce Springsteen.

Caught up by TMZ for a brief chat, the Boss said, "There probably should be [a rule for biting in the World Cup]. Biting has no place in sports."

Bruce also jokingly agreed that Mike Tyson's infamous bite should be "the last one."

As for Suarez, the Liverpool forward's lawyer dubbed his biting stint "casual play." Luis played a great season this year, but is obviously facing inner demons and issues, apart from a potential 24-game ban, the highest one in World Cup history.

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    FINALLY someone famous took a stance on competitive biting! Seriously though, what? How is this even anything??
    Thank God. Here I was waiting on edge, shaking and sweating wondering when Bruce was finally going to say something about this biting fiasco. Thank you UG for finally letting me know what Bruce thinks
    Top food critic Luis Suarez confirms that Italian food tastes better than Serbian!
    All sports should have a lifetime ban for biting. Seriously, why is this tolerated at all? This is a grown man running around biting people trying to play a game. If this clown would've bit me on the field I would've been on top of him knocking his teeth out so he couldn't do it again.
    If it was soccer of the 90s and he tried something like that on Eric Cabtona or Roy Keane he wouldn't have the legs to score all those goals
    Wow. that coming from a United States patriotic Singer, the must really hurt a football player.
    Suarez needs to get his shit together so badly. Beast of a player, ****ing love him, but he's a nutcase. And meanwhile, Ozzy said: "give him a break will you, I bit a bat and got the **** away with it!".
    Not sure what a football story is doing on a music news site
    Further evidence on my theory that UG will soon become a version of Daily Mail. Now, all we need is an update on what Kim Kardashian will eat for dinner tonight.
    And how immigration causes cancer.
    And lowers house prices. Don't forget the house prices.
    How could I forget the house prices? I don't know what I would think if it wasn't for the Daily Mail. Some say it's the shit on British journalsim's boot but I say it's mind food. Now give me some good British bread with which to soak up every last morsel. They took our jobs.
    Giorgio Chiellini is such a little bitch too though. If y'all watched that game, he would flop every time they touched him to get a free kick in the goalie box. Not justifying Suarez but Chiellini and a saint either.
    But when he blocked a goal with his ****ing hand in 120th minute 4 years ago, screwing the (10x better) opponent team over, nobody cared?
    He did get a red and Ghana did get a penalty, but they didn't score... not that I agree with Suarez's antics (I hate the guy). Biting is a whole different issue, he's done it enough times (and proven there's no way he'll stop) to warrant a lengthier ban than 9 games for Uruguay and 4 months away from the game.
    The red card was an utter ****ing joke because it was in the last minute of the match, and a penalty does NOT do justice in any way, since a GUARANTEED goal was blocked, and I don't think I have to tell you what it does to the opponent team's concentration and nerves. The entire world cup results remain ****ed because of his cheating. What he did 4 years ago was no less pathetic, and should be taken into account as well. And his entire team calling him a "hero" says a lot about their idea of fair play as well. They never deserved to reach the semi-finals and Ghana counts as 4th place in 2010.
    Though as a liverpool fan he needs to be banned from the game biting in any sport is uncondonable
    And of course, they won't fire him in case they hurt his little feelings... Seriously, f*ck footballers, it's not even about the game for them any more.
    Him and every other non-cannibal in the world. Wow so edgy!You're against biting someone! How is this even an article haha