Buckcherry Donate To Oil Spill Relief

artist: Buckcherry date: 06/24/2010 category: music news
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Buckcherry Donate To Oil Spill Relief
L.A. band Buckcherry are stepping out their usual role of glorious gutter-rockers and are performing a noble deed for a very good cause. The band have re-recorded a portion of the lyrics to their single, "Our World," to offer commentary on the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis. Proceeds from sales of the newly released track will go to charity. In a statement on the band's website, singer Josh Todd states: "Buckcherry has been really inspired by all the donations our fans have been making, so we went back into the studio and rewrote a few of the lyrics to Our World' about the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis." He continued, "All band proceeds from the track will go to charities that help the victims of the spill both human and animal. As musicians who have the benefit of the spotlight from time to time, we feel it is our duty to aid in raising awareness and financial support to help remedy the awful situation in the Gulf of Mexico. It is so important that each and every one of us do what we can to help those whose lives have been harshly impacted by the oil spill." The song is available for download on iTunes. For further details on "Our World" and Buckcherry's upcoming album, All Night Long, visit Buckcherry.com. Thanks for the report to Gibson.com.
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