Bullet for My Valentine Enter Studio for New Album Recording

"Time to get heavy," says frontman Matt Tuck.

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Welsh metallers Bullet for My Valentine have confirmed hitting the studio to commence the recording of their new record, a follow-up to last year's "Temper Temper."

"Happy new year everyone!" frontman Matt Tuck briefly tweeted yesterday (January 6). "Today we enter the studio for session one of album five. Time to get heavy."

As reported, the band is looking to go heavier with the new record and return to the original sound. Describing the upcoming release as "completely different from 'Temper Temper,'" drummer Michael Thomas told Billboard: "It's definitely more of a step towards our first two records. We always like to keep changing our records and our sounds and stuff. I think you have to change, otherwise it gets boring for us and the fans get bored."

Sticking to their guns, the band premiered new track "Raising Hell" back in November. You can check it out below.

Happy new year everyone!! Today we enter the studio for session 1 of album 5. Time to get heavy. MT.

— BFMV (@bfmvofficial) January 6, 2014

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    The Poison was awesome for what it was. Everything since then has been progressively shittier to the point where I can't even be bothered to check it out. I hope they really mean it this time.
    Rhyhtm on Rising Hell is Heavy, Lyrics are LAME!!! Let's whait and hope for a really good album...
    Lee Makky
    They always put party-type songs for their singles. Temper Temper, Fever, Raising Hell? They usually save there good lyrics for the album, let's hope so this time.
    Kudos for them starting the album so soon, looking forward to this album If the rest of the songs are heavier than Raising Hell (even just slightly), it's going to be gooood :p
    And Raising Hell is a classic heavy BFMV song. I'm digging the direction so far!
    Tuck's vocals and lyrics are so bad now. Raising Hell definitely does not get me excited for this new album.
    The lyrics have never been a strong point. The poison was musically so good they got away with it. everything since then has been driven by lyrics hence the garbage that this band has become. I really hope for a poisonish album.
    I don't think I would go so far as to say their last couple albums were garbage...They've made some truly amazing songs lately. My favourite song by them in the last couple years is Alone...tell me that song isn't a musical ride of emotion!!!
    Yeah, in Raising Hell, I thought it was just over-producing it or whatever which made Tuck's voice sound an octave higher than usual. It does sound shot, but the lyrics are ok.
    Can't say I enjoyed the new song that much, but it at least was a step in the right direction. They used to put out some good stuff, hope they can get back to it.
    Define heavy
    You cannot define heavy. It is a force, a mood, a bunch of piranhas attacking you while you're eating a texas size steak.
    Broken Hope. Bolt Thrower. Carcass. (To name but a mere handful) These bands have defined what I consider to be "heavy". Bullet sounds like a pop group in comparison.
    If this album was instrumental, I'd be okay with it. But since at least SAF Matt's vocals have been so bad it makes me want to cry.
    He had severe throat problems and surgery between The Poison and SAF, leaving him virtually unable to sing, and ad to re-learn singing from scratch. I'll agree they've never been the same, but I can think of much worse without trying.
    Honestly the guitar playing on all of their albums has been very good (from what I've heard). I keep myself from listening to the rest of their newer albums because of how God AWFUL the lyrics are to the songs. Take more than three minutes to think out your lyrics before you produce another album that is cheesy.
    "we have to change our style every once in a while, because otherwise it would get boring. That's why we're going back to our original sound." Nonsense.
    I didn't think they could make anything worse than Temper Temper... I was mistaken Also, if it's time to get heavy, then why the douchey hair cuts?
    Sorry, do you only listen to metal bands if they have the Br00talz hair cutzz? thank you for illustrating the worst problem in metal today.
    Yeah because I'm sure the length of their hair defines how heavy their music is and they're going to keep the same hairstyle since they released their earlier albums lol
    I guess I will be "glass half full" guy. I think they will put out a preety kickass album!
    Their debut was one of the few Metalcore albums I enjoyed but they went downhill fast, the last thing I listened to was Fever and that was a struggle to get through.
    If it doesnt get back to how the sound was when they did the poison or even fever, then it's not worth checking out. I saw the cover for temper temper and bout got a boner, so then i get it and throw it in my cd player and i made it about 3/4's of the way home and I turned around and took it back to hastings. lost 2 bucks on it but still. That album was a huge let down beyond words. Here's to hoping they get their shit together for this album. Raising hell didn't really grab me.. Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Personly i alwas found somethingbto injoy. I didnt find fever to becthat bad, but was not that great. Temper temper was all out bad. Ever since they started workingvwith that producer (I forgot his name) their music just when down hill. I hooing this is a sign for thing to come. It sound better then temper temper already
    Ya va a acabar el año y aun no lo sacan ToT Moriré de desesperación!! Quiero oír el álbum pronto!!! :ccc