Bullet For My Valentine Say They Will Be 'Up There With The Big Boys For The Next 20 Years'

Just several days after the new BFMV album release, Bassist Jay James shares his thoughts about the new record and his vision of it's future.

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About a week ago, Bullet For My Valentine marked the release of their fourth studio album, "Temper Temper" via RCA Records. Prior to the official release, the band has posted a total of two videos, one for the title track back in November, while the second video for the "Riot" track saw it's release last month.

Australia's Loud magazine took a chance to talk about the new record with the group's bassist Jay James. James has expressed his satisfaction with the final outcome, stating that the band has adopted the 'less is more' rule in it's making.

"I think it's a new hybrid Bullet. To sum it up in one word, I'd say it's more mature than our previous stuff. We adopted a rule that 'less is more' [with] this album and gave the songs just exactly what they need. It's not crammed with so many technical things. It only needs and only has the crunching, crazy riffs where they need to be. We've tried to approach a wider crowd and a wider audience as well as keeping the Bullet fans."

"It's a fine edge to try and grasp. I think it's a better, bigger album. We follow the rule that you're only as good as your last album, so I think this is going to take us to the next level. Our thirst for world domination hasn't changed. We think we're going to be up there with the big boys for the next twenty years with this album", the bassist tells Loud magazine.

When asked to name a single achievement he would like the band to reach in the current year, James simply answered "A Grammy!", which means the group is aiming big. Whether they'll make it or not yet remains to be seen.

So have you checked out the album yet? Or at least the two singles they've released so far? And do you think the guys will earn themselves a Grammy somewhere in the near future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Why aim for a Grammy? If that's what'll satisfy your musical quest then you're an idiot. NO ONE gives a shit about Grammys.
    link no1
    I'm not entirely defending him here because like most people, I thought the album sucked major penis but, If his ambition is to get a grammy then who are you to question that? If my ambition was to just release an album one day with enough profit to buy a really really nice expensive guitar, who would anybody be to tell me I'm wrong?
    The day I start making music for the fame of a pop-crowd is the day I am officially a sellout.
    Because if someone's reason for making music is fame or material gain, then he is an enemy of art. I mean, I don't want to sound like "that guy," but if someone isn't making music for the love of music and self-expression, I can't respect that person. It's just wrong and sick to me.
    If they make more of their albums like "Temper, Temper", then I don't think they'd have a chance.
    You wish.
    "Bullet For My Valentine" I think Oscar Pistorius has ruined that name for them.
    Nero Galon
    Erm can you explain that to me, honestly not sure what you're talking about :|
    Famous double-amputee track star. Both shins amputated shortly after birth due to a birth defect. He competed in not only the the 2012 London Paralympics, but also the 2012 London Olympics. On February 14th his girlfriend was shot and killed. He is the only suspect, and is most likely the killer. As I type this, details are pretty scarce. Witnesses are leaning toward saying domestic-dispute, but a pre-meditation-charge is still possible.
    I liked The Poison and Scream Aim Fire, and Fever was okay, but this new album just wasn't up to par. They DO have talent, they just don't use it in the right way.
    What an egotistical prick. 10 years from now, all their fans will be grown up and will find much better bands to listen to.
    And there I was thinking their egos couldn't be any more over-inflated following their interview for Guitar World magazine in 2008 in which they claimed their only competition in releasing an album that year was Metallica. They're just not as spectacular as they think they are
    I think they used to be. Sure, saying Metallica was their only competition was an exaggeration, but realistically, no one was really able to get close to Bullet for a while. However, after "Temper Temper", that's all changed.
    You could argue that they were better a few years ago, but no way were they ever one of the biggest things out there. They were popular, but not above and beyond to get close to a name like Metallica.
    Members of this band have some talent, they just haven't utilized it the right way.
    They are pretty skilled instrumentalists, but I can't get over that Tuck sings like a whiny kid, and their lyrics are shallow and metalcore-cliched as hell. And that doesn't go just for Temper Temper.
    I like his voice in some songs, but in others it just gets annoying. I like him better in AxeWound.
    if you by 'Big Boys' you mean bands that churn out the same bland shit, album after album, then yes, yes you will!
    So they will fit in just fine at the Grammies. Foo Fighters is the biggest exception I can think of.
    I might be wrong here as I'm only really familiar with the poison but how was any of the music technical?, Nevermore, Nile, Opeth that's technical, BFMV is bland, mediocre and simple, which is not necessarily a bad thing just don't call your self technical when your not. just my opinion though.
    haha, theyre shite, all posture, no texture, like ever other new ''metal'' band to date, i dont think anyone would classify them up there with the greats, maiden, priest, sabbath, metallica ect.
    their new album already sounds terribly dated and it hasn't even been out for a whole year yet. Also, don't count on a Grammy when your subject material is about getting in someones face aggressively, or banging some chick, ON EVERY SONG on the album. I'm sorry, but these guys fell off after their second album. Extremely juvenile stuff which should technically equate them with acts like Justin Bieber, since thats about the same age their fan base is. Grammy winners are guys like Brian Eno and Stevie Wonder. Not Welsh bands who are in their early thirties, still singing about the context of a grade 10 girl's diary. Pretty sad considering I thought these guys had potential when they started out...
    I don't think they have ever been good, I feel like their entire career has been copying other metalcore bands. To call them revolutionary or innovative is an unfunny joke.
    Well guys, I hate to break it to you but in ten years when emo/scene girls start to grow up most of your fan base will be gone and you'll be saying something along the lines of "we were a phase in music history".
    wow. less and less respect for them. Bring back the good stuff that's actually technical and creative instead of recycling shit and making it boring.
    If you honestly go to Bullet for my Valentine for technical and creative music then by god you need to discover more music.
    The title of this article honestly made me want to faceplant a wall. I didn't think they could get any more egotistical! And this album was utter shit!
    "We've tried to approach a wider crowd and a wider audience as well as keeping the Bullet fans." Usually when bands evolve, that's a natural thing. Here it seems they're just kind of... Selling out.
    The album sucked. The music was heavy but the vocals killed it for me lol
    Jacques Nel
    Holy Shit BFMV you guys are high if you think you're up there with THIS album. It sucked. And reviews are not very positive. Pray that the grammy panel are as high as you
    Does he think in 40 years, when were watching some vh1 special about the history of rock and metal, that because of temper temper, bfmv will be mentioned with the likes of black sabbath led zeppelin metallica gnr acdc and iron maiden?! This band sufferers from delusions of grandeur.
    I can only imagine these guys touring with bands like Black Tide, Escape The Fate, Hollywood Undead and most likely Avenged Sevenfold. They just better stay the f*ck away from the better bands in the genre like August Burns Red, who actually use their talent correctly and bring something new to the table technical-wise.
    Avenged Sevenfold are way too good to be grouped together with these losers. Despite their image and the hate they get from "true metalheads", they make some genuinely great music, and Synyster Gates is one of the best lead guitarists to emerge during the last decade.
    hell yea its bullet's best work to this date and i do believe that they can win a Grammy!!!!!
    My biggest thought is how much Tuck looks like Billie Joe Armstrong now. He cut his hair. Bad Sign.
    The latest album is even worse than Fever in my opinion. Loved this band with the poison and even scream, aim, fire but the last two albums is not my cup of tea at all. Amongst many things I want to lift up these two thoughts. 1. Lyrics. What the **** guys, it's so bad I feel embarrassed when the words hit my ears. They may have never been doing any great lyrics but they were at least somewhat descent in the beginning. 2. How much does their current producer affect them? Since he started working with them the music's been getting worse and worse and he's titled composer on at least some of the songs so I guess he's also to blame. Of course bands want to do something different over time but I can't stand this music. But I guess they'll be laughing all the way to the bank at least, since Fever was a commercial success and I guess temper, temper also will be. So in a way, they lost me as a fan but probably gained 3 new. That won't make them "one of the big boys" in the history of music though.
    This guy hit on my girlfriend at one of my gigs in Cardiff. Prick haha