Burzum Banned on eBay Due to Varg Vikernes' 'History of Violence,' Item Filtering in Progress

artist: Burzum date: 08/05/2014 category: general music news

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Burzum Banned on eBay Due to Varg Vikernes' 'History of Violence,' Item Filtering in Progress
It would seem that Varg Vikernes' recent hate crime sentencing has reached eBay, as the popular website has banned the sale of all Burzum items.

AsĀ Metal Sucks reports, it is no longer possible to list new Burzum items on the site due to Varg's promotion of "hatred, violence and intolerance."

When it comes to the items currently listed on eBay, they are undergoing the filtering process and should be taken down soon. If you were to attempt listing a fresh Burzum item, here's the message you'd receive:

"eBay's Offensive Material Policy prohibits items and listing contents associated with groups that may promote hatred, violence or intolerance. Based on references of particular organizations in your listing, we have determined this listing likely violates our policy. If the item itself is not affiliated with a particular organization, you may relist without referencing that group's name. Thanks for your attention on this matter."

Whether or not the auctioneering site will take further action against other violence-associated metal acts yet remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

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