Burzum Banned on eBay Due to Varg Vikernes' 'History of Violence,' Item Filtering in Progress

New Burzum items can no longer be listed on the site, the existing ones will be coming down soon.

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It would seem that Varg Vikernes' recent hate crime sentencing has reached eBay, as the popular website has banned the sale of all Burzum items.

As Metal Sucks reports, it is no longer possible to list new Burzum items on the site due to Varg's promotion of "hatred, violence and intolerance."

When it comes to the items currently listed on eBay, they are undergoing the filtering process and should be taken down soon. If you were to attempt listing a fresh Burzum item, here's the message you'd receive:

"eBay's Offensive Material Policy prohibits items and listing contents associated with groups that may promote hatred, violence or intolerance. Based on references of particular organizations in your listing, we have determined this listing likely violates our policy. If the item itself is not affiliated with a particular organization, you may relist without referencing that group's name. Thanks for your attention on this matter."

Whether or not the auctioneering site will take further action against other violence-associated metal acts yet remains to be seen. Stay tuned.

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    Strange how they still allow listings of items relating to Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne Gacy. I'm not sure what the justification for this is. After all, eBay is predominantly a second hand market, so it's not as if Varg is seeing the money from these sales.
    They even allow listings of Nazi memorabilia, wtf eBay? I get that they're collectable items and I hold nothing against such collections, but... what? "An army that killed millions? That's fine. But this guy that burned down 3 churches? Now that's just too far!"
    ...however, eBay still allows listings for Lostprophets and Gary Glitter stuff. Seems like double-standards here.
    the whole thing raises an interesting debate. lots of people find burzum acceptable because despite varg's racism he doesnt put his extremist views into his songs. but at the same time, lostprophets dont explicitly write about, you know, but it seems socially unacceptable to listen to them anymore. back to racist artists, classical music fans can still listen to wagner, and we let our kids watch disney films.
    Surely as other people have mentioned they'd have to take down stuff relating to Lostprophets, Gary Glitter Charles Manson and loads of others. It just seems strange that they're focusing on one individual who let's be honest the general public probably don't even know about and keep ones that they do know
    Let's go over a few things. 1. Burzum is actually quite awesome. ( I direct your attention to My Journey To The Stars) 2. He's a racist, convicted murderer. 3. He is literally a Lord Of The Ring uber nerd. There seems to be quite a disconnect between those things.
    Well I just ordered all the burzum CDs from ebay like a month ago, hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha FUCK YOU EBAY!!!!!