Busted 'Split For Good'

artist: Busted date: 01/13/2005 category: music news
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Busted 'Split For Good'
Busted are on the verge of splitting up for good, reports Ananova. Frontman Charlie Simpson, 19, has made it clear to bandmates Matt Jay and James Bourne that he wants out. The trio have not spoken to each other since their last gig at Wembley three weeks ago. The group, together for two years, are now preparing a summit to discuss how to handle the break-up. Both Matt and James are said to be devastated at the news and have begged Charlie to reconsider. But he is about to go on a two-month tour with his rock group Fightstar - and wants to quit. A source said: "Things are so bad between the boy at the moment that they all realise a split is inevitable. Charlie has never really hung out with Matt or James. None of them are close, you have to remember the band were put together."
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