Butch Vig: Kurt Cobain Solo Recordings Don't Exist

artist: Nirvana date: 04/27/2012 category: music news
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Butch Vig: Kurt Cobain Solo Recordings Don't Exist
While the web has been abuzz in the past few days with rumours of unreleased Kurt Cobain solo material, Nirvana producer Butch Vig has stated that no such recordings exist. Former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson had stated in an interview a few weeks back that the Nirvana frontman was working on a solo album in the months prior to his death: "I heard some talk about somebody putting together some raw, rough acoustic thing... There is stuff that has not been put out." The way Vig sees it, however, Cobain was actually far more interested in Erlandson's band than his own material at that time: "He was working on songs, but they were just in his head. He might have just played some songs to Eric... Around that time period he only wanted to talk about Courtney's album. I never heard any of his new songs." While it used to be hard for the producer and founding member of Garbage to talk about Cobain and Co., he notes that he has learned to appreciate Nirvana again in recent years: "I mean, early on, you know, when Garbage first happened, I got tired of answering questions about Nirvana... And then, you know, time goes by and I started working with Dave and Krist about getting the box set together, you know, going back and listening to the tapes, listening to the B-sides, and all the things that ended up being on the record, and you learn to appreciate it again and you sort of have a different take on it, and we're all so immensely proud and lucky to have made that record." Vig recently reunited with Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and "a secret guest" for the filming of a documentary at Sun City Studios. No word yet on who that guest is, although it's fairly safe to say that it won't be Courtney Love...
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