Buzz Osbourne Singles Out Pete Townshend for Acoustic Rock God Status

artist: Melvins date: 08/15/2014 category: music news
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Buzz Osbourne Singles Out Pete Townshend for Acoustic Rock God Status
We know Melvins mainman King Buzzo for his rants at the rock greats. We've heard his opinion about such rock greats as Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl (and Nirvana at whole), KISS, even Metallica and theĀ whole rock music. But now he gives nothing else but praises to the Who's legendary Pete Townshend.

This year he released his debut solo album, an acoustic effort "This Machine Kills Artists," and now he, talking to Ultimate Classic Rock, reveales which classic artists he feels have unplugged most succesfully.

"I believe it was the late '70s, [Pete Townshend] did a live show where he played Who songs acoustic on a record called 'The Secret Policeman's Ball,'" Buzzo recalled. "I believe it was a charity event. But I heard that then, and you know, I realized really quickly that he was the reason why that stuff was good, because he could get up there and play those songs and sing 'em with an acoustic guitar, and that was really cool.

"I think that was always in the back of my mind, at least to some degree, how he did that, even if I didn't want to do it exactly like him," he concluded. "I think that was a big influence, certainly, on what I was doing, but mostly in a philosophical way, more than anything else."

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