Can You Decode The Numbers On Meshuggah's Concert Set List?

artist: Meshuggah date: 02/21/2013 category: music news
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Can You Decode The Numbers On Meshuggah's Concert Set List?
During Meshuggah's concert in Philadelphia last Thursday, one of the photographers from has managed to snap a photo of the band's set list for that evening. The photo wouldn't be much of an eye-catcher if it weren't for a strange string of numbers listed before and after each of the songs. Such a mysterious code has left fans curious for it's meaning, with numerous theories already circulating the Internet. Some say it represents presets numbers for the guitarists, while the others think it may have something to do with the lightning effects or rhythm of the tracks. But it seems as if we'll never know for sure. The concert itself was a part of the group's current US tour with Animals As Leaders. What is also interesting is that the show has turned out to be the last one featuring a cardboard cutout replacing frontman Jens Kidman, who was unable to perform due to a flu. The singer has returned to the stage the very next day for a concert in New York. Prior to hitting the road, the band has released a free 2-track EP. So this is quite a puzzle, right? Do you think you're up for decoding this one? And what theories have you come up with so far? Let us know in the comments section below.
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