Canadian Cop Killer Quotes Megadeth Before Going on Killing Spree

"A little man with a big eraser, changing history," Justin Bourque posted before killing three police officers.

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Canadian gunman Justin Bourque has allegedly murdered three police officers and wounded two more during a recent shooting spree in the city of Moncton.

Prior to committing the crime, Justin quoted Megadeth song "Hook in Mouth" in his final Facebook status.

Shootings are considered extremely rare in Canada, as the country is widely known for its low crime levels. Oddly, the shooting that took place in April saw the local man shooting five people and quoting yet another Megadeth song, "Dread and the Fugitive Mind."

As for Bourque, the killer still remains on the loose. The authorities advise citizens to stay at home and have also released a photo of Justin posing with guns, while some of the locals have tweeted the shooter roaming the street, as well as the bloody cars of shot police officers.

"On behalf of all New Brunswickers, I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers to those affected," said Moncton premier David Alward. "I would ask New Brunswickers, particularly in those areas identified by police, to follow the situation as it develops and to listen to the advice of police."

#Moncton friends stay safe... #codiacrcmp Friend caught a pic of the shooter... Stay inside... @Brett_Global @CBCNS

— Patrick Hemsworth (@PatHemsworth) June 5, 2014

The Car of an under cover police officer in Moncton... #PrayForMoncton

— Ian Oyler (@ianoyler) June 5, 2014

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    I find it interesting that people always report on music that criminals look to for inspiration. If someone wants to feel justified in their behaviour, they will look for justification anywhere - in music, holy texts, etc. Why do we never hear about someone doing something wonderful and that somehow being attributed to the music they listen to? For example, I like to open my research papers on applied ethics by quoting songs I feel are relevant to the topic. When I achieve something good through my studies, should Frank Black receive an honourable mention because I once quoted him?
    well said, no-one takes accountability anymore, its always someone else's fault. its literally everywhere you look, oh its governments fault its the gun makers fault, its the gun's fault, it was Ozzy's fault, it was Priest's fault, now some nut job will put this on Dave's back. But you know the only consistent in everyone of these tragedy's where someone takes another life, some ****ing whack job chose to get up that day and they chose kill.
    To be fair, I think there's often a lot more to it than "some ****ing whack job", but as you say music has sod all to do with it and is a ridiculous choice of scapegoat.
    imagine if journalists wrote articles about the times metal saved our lives from loneliness, feelings of powerlessness and depression. imagine if we didn't turn murderers into celebrities and catalysts for coming down on metal.
    So out of curiosity, when will the Daily Mail article about this pop up?
    The real question is: do we really want Daily Mail to put out an article about this? I ****ing don't.
    And they did it: their article about the guy being arrested mentioned the lyrics. They did not disappoint at all....
    This happened in my city. Its been a terrifying time here and thankfully he has been apprehended. He nor anyone else that commits these horrific violent acts are not driven by some silly song lyrics (and I'm a huge Megadeth fan) but suffer from mental illness. Thoughts go to the families of the fallen RCMP and a forever debt to this police force who fought through 30+ hours of terror and made our streets safe once again.
    This news is just ridiculous. A fukin shame! WTF is this all about?!
    Something in the lines of his friend being shot by police last year and two weeks ago the cop who shot his friend was cleared of any wrongdoings. Not sure the details in the case but these guys were gun fanatics.... something that is rare here in Canada luckily
    big muff pedal
    Fuck, even more reason for idiots in the media to blame extreme music for psychological and social issues.
    Yes, of course. That is by far the worst thing about a crazed gunman. The quote of a metal band on his f**king Facebook.
    Not sure if he realised it, but he kinda burned himself with that facebook status quote.