Canadian Dentist Still Planning to Clone John Lennon, Raise Him as Son

Michael Zuk waiting for technology advancement, the life of new John already mapped out.

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As previously reported, Canadian dentist Michael Zuk is planning to clone late John Lennon by extracting DNA from the singer's tooth he had purchased on an auction.

Zuk unveiled his plans over a year ago, but according to a new Channel 4 interview, he still intends to proceed with the plan once the technology is advanced enough.

And not only that, but he has the life of new John already mapped out, Consequence of Sound reports.

Michael is planning to raise the clone as his own son, and as you might have guessed, he'll make sure to sign him up for guitar lessons and keep him away from bad habits. "He would still be his exact duplicate but you know, hopefully keep him away from drugs and cigarettes, that kind of thing," he said.

The dentist also noted that Lennon's DNA could be worth millions. "If there is enough DNA to sequence it, it could be basically genetic real estate," he explained, pointing out he's confident that his plan will succeed. "I think I can, because of the laws. Depends where you do these things. If it can't be done in one country you can do these things in another," Zuk concluded.

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    Let's remember Mewtwo's words: I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
    that is pretty nerdy of you to bring that up, but it is totally relevant and I agree so good job.
    Why can I see a South Park Canadian John Lennon in my head..?
    because this would be a hilarious episode... by the way raise him as son part had me loling hard
    This is what happens when Canadians get bored in the long winters. Someone buy this guy a ski-doo
    This is beyond messed up. He's dead, yes it was sad. But this is messed up. The fact he's willing to move where it'd be legal to do so shows this guy is just a bit more than nuts. If it were Lennon's parents sure, I can see reasoning behind it, you don't just take someone's genetic material and say it's your son.. This kid will have a rotten life and his dad will receive a lot of hate for being such a nut job.
    This guy is an idiot. People are shaped by their environments and surroundings. This person will probably look a lot like John Lennon but certainly won't be that much like him. Taking guitar lessons? Staying away from bad habits? Lennon did the opposite of these things, so how will he become Lennon? Great plan son.
    he will look like john lennon just like julian and sean look like him. not the exact copy. it's actually possible that the surrogate mother will give birth to a daughter. we can't choose the gender of a child yet
    Actually when cloning, DNA cames all from the subject you´re cloning. No mother´s DNA there. So yeah, you´ll get an exact copy of John Lennon, with different psyche of course.
    The Spoon
    What if the guy raises him to murder Mark David Chapman. Holy shit. Movie idea.
    How the hell can this be considered ethically sound? I know everyone loves John Lennon, but why on earth would someone try to clone him? Let the man rest...
    You know cloning doesn't mean resurrecting right?
    sure but does the dentist man?
    Yes, he does. Which is why he wants a lennon-be/look-alike of his own for some strange reason
    Pablo Mortis
    When you think of it though, this kid would never turn out exactly the same as Lennon anyway, because people are shaped by life experiences, and I hardly think this dentist can convince a child that he's walked out on him and then return to bring him up as his aunt...
    Maybe he's got a thing for Lennon.. It would be pretty cool to take your very own John Lennon on a date
    True, but for all intent and purpose, it will be John Lennon. It'll be his genes. As unethical as I think this is, it would be interesting to see how much society and upbringing effects the outcomes of someone's life! Will music be in his genes? Will he have the same tastes and interests, or will he be a different person! However, the media attention this John Lennon clone would have would also change his life before it really begins. And it would certainly change the upbringing to that of the real Lennon. It would definitely be interesting to see, but I think it would be wrong to do.
    Well its not like he is bringing lennon back to life. This would be a separate person.
    Only by the sound of it the dentist is trying to recreate Lennon. I have to agree, let Lennon stay dead. Don't try and force this kid to be him.
    That's a seriously ignorant statement. We're talking about procuring someones DNA and selling it on the market, which is completely unethical for a number of reasons so obvious they don't even need stating! Doing something like that is completely unethical, let alone creepy and weird.
    DNA is only a part of who we are so even if this was possible it would be a completely different person living in a different time. the new john would probably listen to rap. sadly.
    The idea that a person can be considered "genetic real estate" years after they have died is kind of disgusting and unethical.
    Doesn't Yoko own the rights to John's likeness or something? This could be considered copyright infringement.
    No need to clone me. I plan to live forever ... once the technology is advanced enough.
    If you're gonna keep him away from drugs, you won't wanna waste your money on those guitar lessons... (HAHA)
    This would've made an interesting twist to Star Wars episode 2
    Cloning John Lennon would be pointless as the clone would end up a completely different person with completely different traits. To have anyone even remotely similar to Lennon in terms of personality would require him to be live in pretty much the exact same circumstances as the original lived.
    so... what happens after 20 years and he realizes he was ripped off and it wasn't even johns tooth... wonder what the return policy is..
    "He would still be his exact duplicate but you know, hopefully keep him away from drugs and cigarettes, that kind of thing," Umm. I don't know how to tell you this but uh...
    I hope this works... then we can have clones of all our favorite female celebrities, and have like a clone sextape franchise. I say we start with Scarlett Johannson and Emma Watson
    "keep him away from drugs and cigarettes, that kind of thing," Why? Lennon did a lot of drugs back in the day
    Wow. What an idiot. First of all, this jackass needs to learn what the concept of nature vs. nurture is all about. Second of all, does he think keeping the kid away from psychedelics is going to make him a better Lennon? Lennon without psychedelic drugs = cliche love songs built to maximize profit. This "dentist" just needs some attention...
    "... hopefully keep him away from drugs and cigarettes and Yoko Ono , that kind of thing," he said. FIXED.
    Sweet!!! Get on with it, there's far too many opinions stopping science breaking any real ground these days....
    Cool idea, but if this happens, that poor kid. Think of all the expectations (stupid) people would be expecting him to live up to.
    I think this guy is failing to take into account that the only similarity between the actual John Lennon and a clone would be physical appearance. The personality would be totally different and dependent totally on his surroundings as he grows up.
    if he gets cloned he will actually look like a son of john lennon and a random surrogate mother. not like john lennon. he will be as clone as julian or sean.
    yea but the fact that he's a genetic copy doesn't mean he'll grow up to be the same person.
    Very creepy. John Lennon already has one or two sons btw which are close to clones! (I follow Julian on Facebook).
    As f*cked up as this whole idea sounds, I'm humoured by the fact that this guy would be a genuinely good father to Nu-John; "Oh yeah, I'll make sure he gets a creative hobby and I'll keep him away from harmful substances..."
    wow this is to wierd. the first time lennon had acid was from his dentist. his dentist invited him over his house for dinner and dropped acid in lennon and harrisons tea. true story goggle lennons first acid trip!!
    This is interesting. I am not sure wether i like it or not. On one hand, i am a firm believer that the only that will ever make us immortal is science, and messing with this kind of stuff is important to further our understanding. I am an avid supporter of gene-manipulation, biological enhancements and all that stuff. However, while that is all well and good, re-creating Lennon's DNA and then trying to make the kid be like the actual John Lennon.. Seems abit unethical. John Lennon was intelligent, sure, use his DNA, something good will probably come of it, but don't try and pre-determine what the kid is gonna do with it.