Cannibal Corpse Frontman Defends Suicide Silence: 'If You Don't Think They're Death Metal, Fuck You!'

"They have been given a lot of grief from fans who say 'Mitch would be rolling in his grave.' To that I say, fuck off!"

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Cannibal Corpse Frontman Defends Suicide Silence: 'If You Don't Think They're Death Metal, Fuck You!'

Cannibal Corpse vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher bashed the people who've been bashing Suicide Silence since their latest album, telling Metal Injection:

"[Suicide Silence] have been given a lot of grief from fans who say, 'Mitch would be rolling in his grave.' To that I say, fuck off!

"You didn't fucking know him. I knew him. We did a South American tour with those guys and I sang on one of their records, okay? Mitch is the one who asked me to do that, okay? I mean seriously, he asked me to do that.

"We knew [bassist] Dan Kenny for years, before he was in Suicide Silence. Mitch and Dan Kenny were there and we were drinking in this bar in South America and I remember Mitch said, 'I know we're kind of different death metal than you guys, and some people would say it's not real death metal like you guys, and I would be honored if you sang on our record.'

"And I was like, 'Dude, fuck all those people that don't believe you're real death metal. It's just different. You do a different style. I would definitely do it.' And of course, he passed away, but I did do it.

"I did it, because they're my friends, and whether Mitch passed away or not. And then, what happened happened.

"Then I see people who are just fans, no offense - obviously, fans are the lifeblood of this music, they're the reason we're here. They're the reason every band is here.

"But it doesn't give you the right to talk like you know Mitch, like, 'Oh, Mitch is rolling in his grave, with you guys doing clean vocals.' How the fuck do you know? Did you know him? Did you know? That irks me, man. I just don't get it. I'm holding back but I was pissed off.

"If it was somebody who was his actual friend... then fair enough, we can have this conversation. Otherwise, give me a break. Don't just give me this, 'He's rolling in his grave.' That's an insult to his bandmates, who lost their friend. You can't speak for him.

"I'm taking up for my boys. Suicide Silence are my boys. If you don't think they're death metal, fuck you!"

The majority of negative comments Corpsegrinder is referring to came after Suicide Silence's self-titled fifth studio album, also their second album since the 2012 death of Mitch Lucker, which saw the band distancing itself from their deathcore sound and moving more into the nu metal waters. You can check out the "Doris" single below.

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In related stuff, here's Corpsegrinder with Mrs. Grinder and the kids spending some quality family time at Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Spending the day at Disney with my girls celebrating @stacy.alourdasfisher birthday. Happy Birthday my love!!!

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    What does it matter if they're death metal or not? Make music to express yourself, not to be classified in some subgenre.
    Not a fan of Suicide Silence, so might not be my place to say, but if they're happy with their musical direction, I'd consider it a good thing. Music needs to progress, lest it become stale.
    While I'm not a fan of Suicide Silence, I agree 100% with Mr.Corpsegrinder here. You know elitism is getting bad in the metal scene when you have the old guard calling people out on it.
    Got a chance to meet and chat with George when he toured with Behemoth a few years back.  Was beyond nice and engaged when we discussed his work with Brendon Small.  Nothing but respect for him.
    Disney sucks. I worked there. I took many a dumps in that bathroom by the Space Mountain ride. The important thing is his kids look happy. They all do, actually. I wonder if his family is covering up a Mickey logo on his t-shirt.
    Distorted guitars and rough vocals. Must be death metal, of course. It's like your grandma telling you to turn that screamo off, while your listening to Metallica or something. I don't mind a bit of Suicide Silence, but they're not death metal.
    My view exactly. His point about fans assuming they know what someone they've never spoke to would think is pretty fair. But it seems a bit silly that he acknowledges they're a different style whilst at the same time claiming with such certainty that they're death metal, even when most fans of both his band and of suicide silence would probably say otherwise...
    This guy seems very likeable to me. Having this very hardcore death metal purist fanbase but sticking up for his Deathcore buddies. He truly doesnt give a shit c:
    Wow. That's a very profound and well thought out argument. For a 12 year old...
    Ok. Allow me to translate what he's trying to imply in case naughty words hurt your innocent brain. As a musician who has lost bandmates and friends in music, it kills me when I see people post things like "what are you guys doing? *name* would be rolling in his grave!!!" Ok for one, thanks random person on the Internet for letting me, a person who has played and written a lot of music with him as well as been a close friend up till his death, know that you, some guy who maybe streamed a music video once, know what he'd appreciate better musically. And two, never underestimate the bond musicians have for each other. Unless you're the Gallagher brothers, you basically have to stick together like family if youre in a non-cover band Go ahead and say the new album sucks (it does). Heck make fun of Suicide Silence, I don't like them aside from Disengage. But don't say you know what Mitch wanted.
    Man... You read so much into my comment that I simply didn't write. I said absolutely nothing about my opinions either way on the music of Cannibal Corpse or Suicide Silence. Nor did I infer that I agreed with people saying anything about either band.  My poor hurt innocent brain was simply saying that George Fisher's view is a little childish. If you don't agree with my opinion... Fuck off! That's what he said by the way... 
    he was translating, not typing directly to you. in your defense, they should have used quotation marks.
    You can call Suicide Silence whatever you want, they are still a shit "Hot Topicore" band and will always be that first. 
    Don't we have more important issues to debate? Leave this sub-genre crap to the YouTube comments.
    I know it's completely irrelevant to the article and the argument, but why is the guy almost-ghosthanding his own fucking family?
    Vicryl 2.0
    any metal band with a dead member is Death Metal to me. Same way sevendust is Black Metal.
    Now I know why I prefer Chris Barnes. Also, that picture... I thought it was Korn's Jonathan Davis after winning a free year of McDonalds.