Carcass Frontman Defends Babymetal Against Criticism From Metal Purists

"I'm starting to warm to the idea of what they're doing," says Jeff Walker.

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British extreme metal pioneers Carcass have defended Babymetal against the "gimmick" tag given to them by critics who liken them to the success of Swedish occult metallers Ghost.

Established in 2010, Babymetal is the offshoot of the Japanese pop idol group Sakura Gakuin that performs a distinctly Japanese mix of schoolgirl J-pop and heavy metal.

Asked by Nuclear Blast what his highlight of last month's Sonisphere festival in the UK was, Carcass bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker replied (via Blabbermouth): "My highlight was getting my picture taken with BABYMETAL."

Pressed on whether he was a fan of Babymetal, Walker said: "I'm starting to warm to the idea of what they're doing. It's actually fun, you know - like Ghost, to be honest. Some people get very reactionary about a band like Ghost or Babymetal. It puts a smile on people's faces. That's what music's about, isn't it?! Enjoying it and not being so serious."

Carcass guitarist Bill Steer added: "I mean, obviously, we don't cover this ourselves, but the fun, entertainment angle, it is important."

Carcass will return to the United States once again this October/November. Joining them on select dates are Florida death metal legends Obituary and the eclectic champions of "murder metal," Macabre.

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    i completely agree with what he said. Then again, I don't think BabyMetal is the worst thing to ever happen to the world. So **** me, right?
    Babymetal is just joke thing in my eyes. Some people like it some don't. Nothing too serious. Maybe they can actually play music but its tongue in cheek.
    And i have nothing against them. If you like them go ahead and enjoy it.
    I don't think that these girls give a sh*t about what metal purists are saying about them since they are not the girls targeted audience.
    Is it fun? Does it make you smile? If yes, it's fine. Simple.
    What about the fact that the record corp signed Babymetal solely to make the corp money? What about how, when they stop being cute, the girls are going to fade away (most likely)?, it's not "simple".
    link no1
    Your point being? Don't all big companies do things for money? I suggest that you stop listening to 80% of the music you like that has a big label because chances are, the label only signed them because it will make them money. The only difference is that it's more obvious with Babymetal.
    Ok...except, you know, the last part you said ("The only difference is that it's more obvious with Babymetal") is key. And the fact that the whole band concept is "cute girls singing J-Pop over metal riffs" means they'll be gone quite soon.
    Velcro Man
    It might be more obvious to people less aware of how the world works, but it's all about money, as long as they enjoy it, it's absolutely no better or worse than anything else. A lot of bands are "gone" quite soon.
    Why would anyone have a problem with them? It's a cute and funny idea, metal doesn't have to be so ****ing serious all the time, haters are probably just trying to be edgy
    To be fair, when I see Till Lindemann with his dildo on, Joakim Broden getting German people to drink beer, or Ozzy Osbourne doing anything, I tend to think there aren't many metal musicians who take themselves anywhere near as seriously as some of the fans do... Except maybe the ultra-ridiculous black metal bands who used to go on about wanting to be "feared" while wearing what's basically KISS facepaint...
    I think that Babymetal is refreshing! No matter your opinion on the group, it's better than listening to the same thing over and over and over and over. Babymetal is awesome! Love their music!
    Can someone PLEASE show them how to do the horns properly for God sake?!
    Fully agree. These elitists are morons. They want the same carbon copy bands/albums over and over and nothing remotely different. When I was at Sonisphere EVERYBODY was loving it. Didn't see any of these haters (probably because they were still in their basements behind their keyboards) and everybody had a big smile on their face, it was brilliant. It's just something fun and different amongst all the cliche "evil" stuff. Don't get me wrong I like that stuff and I'm not even a big Babymetal fan but I swear if progressive/hard rock bands in the late60s/Early 70s all thought like these elitists today then we wouldn't even have metal. Nobody would strive to do anything new. Plus your an idiot if you don't think those 3 girls are talented and the backing band is amazing.
    There's tons of interesting new shit going on in Metal, and if you think that Baby Metal is the only one of them that's laughable (especially since J-music + Metal has existed since at least the mid 80s with X-Japan, Loudness etc). Baby Metal are just J-Pop played with metal instrumentation, listen to the chorus of Gimme Chocolate! It has nothing to do with metal or even the rest of the song, and that's the main hook (seeing as the watered down LOG riffs are boring even to fans of such a band). It's not opening J-Pop fans up to metal; It's opening metal fans up to J-pop. And no, those girl have no particularly identifiable creative talent, what they are, are performers and cute, which is EXACTLY what Japanese pop feeds on/desires. In the west, Sex sells, In Japan, Cute sells. The minute these girls are hot and mildly mature, they will be dropped like flies, as that's how Japanese pop works. Nobody hates the actual girls, if anything they just feel sorry for them. What we hate is that corporate suits put this gimmick together to take advantage of some young kids and the easily entertained by japanese weirdness. If you don't have a problem with kids being taken advantage of for their physical appearance, Or music being made by a corporate focus group-assembly line and not organically by artists, then you're probably not a metalhead anyway, cos most of us have more integrity then that. If you support Babymetal, then there is literally nothing bad you can say about Western pop. The music is average, and the enitre project is mildly offensive to some people's morality. There's never been a band in metal with MORE reasons to hate then Baby Metal. Just not those girls(Seeing as they will be replaced in 4 years anyway).
    It's not about elite, Jesus, it's not even about music, it's more like; what this represent?is it desirable corporations USE girls to earn some $? are they there because they want or due to a souless contract like thousands of japanese Idols before? they will be surely forgotten in a year, then what? Will I support this knowing it is what it is? and so on... Not everything that puts a smile on your ****ing dork face is good...
    That's the thing. The record corp only signed Babymetal to make money. Once Babymetal stops making the corp enough money every quarter, they're gonna get kicked the curb.
    Your laughable, let's see your music be good enough to be considered to be signed to a record? Also my dork face? Why get into personal insults? Don't think I personally insulted you? Another internet troll would love to see you say that shit to my face.
    What an excellent rebuttal, mattythebassman. Seriously, quit acting 5.
    ^This matty dude is acting 5? He wasn't resorting to personal insults, only giving his opinion. Blackone would have been fine, if not for that last sentence. Can't we just give an opinion without throwing an insult somewhere in it?
    We can dream Zan, we can dream. Unfortunately, the UG community doesn't always provide the most intelligent of discussions.
    Well they've already been around for four years, so I can't see them disappearing any time soon. And I hope not. They're a breath of fresh air. The live shows are phenomenally energetic and the crowd reciprocates that energy ten-fold. Anyway, each to their own I suppose.
    "They want the same carbon copy bands/albums over and over and nothing remotely different." And yet that's what Babymetal is: decent J-Pop played over crappy, generic Metal that sounds like it's something you'd hear on some mediocre Metal-orientated radio in the late 90s and early 2000s aimed at kids who only know a handful of mainstream Metal bands. It's crap Metal ruining something that would be listenable if the Metal wasn't there. We either have to take Babymetal as a Metal band, in which case you need to remove the J-Pop element and let it go off and have a semi-successful career while the Metal element dies a death fitting of generic trash, or we need to take it as a J-Pop group with a gimmick, where they either need a new gimmick, or find a backing band that can actually play Metal. I mean, there are Anime openings that have better guitar riffs than the majority of BabyMetal's songs, for ****'s sake. That's unacceptable for a band that's supposed to be playing a style of music in which riffs are one of the most important elements. So while Babymetal may be different (though there are a lot of Metal bands from Japan that have added ballads and other pop elements to their music for decades, so...), they're just not good, and that's the main difference between the average late 60s/early 70s Prog Rock and them. Even if you're trying something new, you still need to put effort into making something good.
    let the kawaii flow through you!
    Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering. Suffering leads to the dark side. Therefore, hating Babymetal can turn you into a psychopath.
    Babymetal is just a big gimmick... I really don't understand why people like them but they're still entitled to, even though I find it very annoying that this fad is the only thing(not literally) talked about at Blabbermouth, Metal Injection, UG, Metalsucks etc.
    Most of "something something metal" genres are based around gimmicks, but in case of babymetal this gimmick is just more visible, that's all.
    Velcro Man
    They really are what metalheads need, too many metalheads are ****ing uptight purists ready to spout off about how bad some band or kind of metal is today, somehow under the impression that metal is super duper srs bsns and objectively rated. Metal needs adorable japanese girls to prove you're not automatically a badass viking critic just because you listen to Amon Amarth. This coming from a metalhead, metalheads really need to learn to calm down and **** off
    yeah because metal is just an image right? you so metal... edit: actually scratch that...your profile and interested bands/artists paints you as the opposite lol. now get back to smoking your kief and video games and slap in some techno metal so you can trip out on fantasies of a zombie apocalypse. douche lol.
    Velcro Man
    Exactly my point, you're just a narrow-minded idiot metalhead that hates anything that doesn't "represent" "trve kvlt" values. Name a band and tell me what they "represent". Maybe one of the bands that sings about murdering people just for fun lyrics or just getting drunk. Metal doesn't have some unique, special, life changing message or meaning, it's just another form of music and you're a ****ing idiot if you somehow believe it's anything other than subjective. Also, lolwot? techno metal?
    oh please, kid...slap more words together to make it look like you know what you're talking about lol. you: Favorite bands : "Too many to list, but stuff I'm into: Classical Jazz Folk Bluegras s Some Classic/Blue Rock Outlaw Country Proggy stuff Funk Retro Video Game Music Some soundtrack music Touhou stuff Very little hip hop/pop music (large fan of Gorillaz) Death/Mel odeath/Techdeath/doo m/blackened death/some thrash/folk/viking/p irate/goblin metal Primus" again, you so lil twat.
    Velcro Man
    See, unlike you, I don't have to kids myself about being "metal", I like to be open minded and explore ALL forms of music unlike some child that needs to prove something to themselves. Also, still no techno in there, so lol good job.
    Velcro Man
    If you're done compensating for your small penis size by being "trvly metal", your high levels of idiocy are quite annoying, kindly **** off and jerk off to manowar and pretend like they're not generic as ****.
    "thieves think everyone is a thief" just because you're a brain-dead pot smoker who likes to jack off his tiny wee-wee, doesn't mean everyone is the same as you lol. but hey, it's fun to see ya resort to just mindless insults because your pride and ego is threatened...give me more, i love seeing babies cry lol.
    Velcro Man
    That's weird, I'm not really the one trying to make myself feel better by claiming my musical tastes are superior because they're shallow as ****. Also, lol the ole "pot makes u stoopid" line, you know it's 2014, right? Your desperation to prove yourself is quite adorable though~
    and yeah, you might not have techno down in your interests, but hip-hop/pop and that other g4y sh1t is close enough lol. and yes it does look like you like a bit of everything...everything a hipster needs to be hip.
    Velcro Man
    1. How is music homosexual? I don't believe music HAS a gender. 2. Once again, just proving your own narrow-minded tastes, but it's okay, when I was your age, I was like that too, you'll grow up one day~
    link no1
    I like the way that you say the guy isn't a metal fan just because he likes a bunch of stuff that isn't metal. You've basically proven their point about most metal fans being narrow minded.
    metal-heads that claim to be metal-heads but listen to anything but metal(except for maybe the odd time) are not metal-heads...that is all. sure i bet you like metal, but i bet you love telling people you like metal more than actually listening to it. so yeah...pose some more lol
    Velcro Man
    No, a metalhead is someone that like metal you moronic ****ing child, pretty much any metal musician takes influences from other genres, if you ONLY listen to metal, you're just a generic piece of shit with nothing unique to offer the world. Even the singer of the band you name yourself after has performed quite a number of arias. If you can't expand to something different, you're pretty much everything that's wrong with metal today.
    "metal-heads that claim to be metal-heads but listen to anything but metal(except for maybe the odd time) are not metal-heads...that is all. " You are an absolute moron. I'll go let all of the UG metal forum know that they are not metalheads, because they had a discussion in the metal chat thread awhile back about electronic music. I'm sure they'll be just thrilled to be informed they're not metalheads.
    The Virtuoso
    Wait. I'm not a metalhead because I like sythpop and darkwave?!?! Sam! What is happening to me!!! I can feel the metal melting off my skin! ARGHHAHRAHARARAR!!!!
    simply put: poser(s)
    Velcro Man
    Maovvar: you sure are trying awful hard, considering you know nothing about how metal and metalheads work, maybe...just're the poser?
    @The Virtuoso: I know, man. It's terrible, isn't it? Who knew liking synthpop made you not a metalhead?! D:
    Second Rate
    I must say that I've enjoyed this Manovvar v. Velcro Man pissing contest. Nothing like two wannabes trying to outdo each other. It's painfully obvious that neither of you know shit about Heavy Metal, so just kiss and make up.
    Velcro Man
    It's funny because apparently you're just like him~ If you'd like to compare knowledge, I'm always down for a debate~