Carl Barat on Libertines Reunion Rumours: 'Keep July 5 Free'

Frontman says possibility of first live shows since 2010 are "very much a possibility."

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Carl Barat has seemingly confirmed that the Libertines are set to reunite.

As NME notes, rumours about a potential reunion emerged over the weekend after Pete Doherty gave an interview in which he claimed he had been approached with an offer to reunite the band for a live show.

The official Libertines Facebook page then posted a picture of Hyde Park. NME was directed towards the image when the Libertines' management were asked for a comment.

Speaking to Barat during a DJ set at KPH in Ladbroke Grove, London on April 20, the frontman told Gigslutz that the chances of the band reuniting "very much a possibility" and, when pushed for a date on which any live show may take place, added: "Keep the 5th July free."

Unverified quotes from Pete Doherty in Israeli newspaper Ynet seemed to suggest that financial reasons are the driving force behind the London band's latest reunion. Explaining why he is keen to reform the Libertines, Doherty is quoted describing the severity of his financial problems, adding that the money offered is too lucrative to turn down.

He said: "Not long ago I listened to the Libertines songs on YouTube and had a burst of nostalgia so I said what the heck, and then they told me how much they will pay us and I cannot lie to you I couldn't say no, at least not in my state right now."

The Libertines last played live together in 2010 at the Reading and Leeds Festivals.

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    I think it's interesting how the quote is being mischaracterized. He said he watched videos on youtube and became nostalgic, THEN they told him about the money. Yet, the article says he "seemed to suggest that the financial reasons are the driving force behind the London band's latest reunion." If you want to infer from his comments that financial reasons are the driving force, that's fine; but don't make it sound like that's what he said because he said he watched videos on youtube, then becamse nostalgic, then heard about the money. Last I heard, a DRIVING force is a sequential force, meaning in order to drive something the driver must act prior to the item being driven. I know I take things too literally.
    Yep, that heroin wont pay for itself now, will it?
    we need to keep 5th july free for american independence day! so we can set off fireworks maybe he likes america cause we all know americans love july 5th! YEAAAAH MURICA JULY 5TH FIREWORKS THANKSGIVING AND TURKEY!
    While it'd be awesome if they played a show together (their reunion gig a year or two ago sounded good from what I saw on YouTube) this doesn't seem THAT significant considering they've done one-offs several times since breaking up and Doherty and Barat have played acoustic sets together. I'd be more interested if the two actually reunited to make some new music together because they were better together. Their projects since then aren't bad, but they don't touch the Libertines material to me.
    I think they'll definitely be up for making an album if they have time, I remember Barat saying that it could be a possibility.
    This is great news! Also I'd like to know something about Barat's new band, The Jackals, heard they were planning to release their debut album at some point this year.
    Great news. I'll try my best to go to London to see it, and I mean it. Saw Pete Doherty a couple of years ago performing with Lee Mavers of The La's and it was easily one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I missed that mutha****a.
    it's hit and miss I guess with him and live shows, still I managed to see him in my hometown as a solo act and he played about 35 songs, was really magical. (not a massive fan of him anymore though I must say (chose my username when I was fourteen )