Carl Barat Says the Libertines Will Release New Album in 2015

artist: The Libertines date: 07/10/2014 category: music news

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Carl Barat Says the Libertines Will Release New Album in 2015
The Libertines have said that they will embark on a trip to Germany later this year to work on a new album together, NME reports.

The band played a huge open-air show at London's Hyde Park last weekend (July 5) and warmed up with two dates in Glasgow in June. Speaking about the band's plan for new music, Carl Barat says fresh material has "always" been the plan.

"Next year, it has to be," states Carl when pressed for a release date. "I don't wanna just go on the road because then you'll get cabin fever and have an epic fallout. So yeah, I want to keep something fresh coming in. We just need to find the time."

Pete Doherty is also on board with the plans and suggests that the band will decamp to Germany later in 2014 for writing sessions similar to those in 2004 ahead of the release of "The Libertines." "For some reason in my head, I'm thinking October, November time," he says. "That's what will have to happen. Basically, it'll have to be like Paris, but in Hamburg, and for a bit longer. I'm well up for it."
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