Cat Piano and Vegetable Orchestra Are Listed Among Weirdest Musical Instruments Ever

Check out the list of things you could never imagine they can make music.

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Have you ever thought about switching from guitar to another musical instrument? Was that instrument a Cat Piano, a block of ice or a vegetable? Did you even know that those things could be instruments? According to the Guardian, they are.

The newspaper has published a list of the 10 strangest musical instruments. Some of them are as much disturbing as they are strange. Take the Cat Piano for example, which the Guardian notes:

"[It] has a normal keyboard in front of a line of cages, each of which has a cat trapped inside. When a key is pressed, a nail is driven into the tail of one unfortunate feline, which naturally screeches. It was designed to shock psychiatric patients into changing their behaviour, rather than be something Monteverdi could be played on."

Then there is the Vegetable Orchestra of Vienna, who have fashioned instruments from the likes of carrots, cabbages and leeks. Apparently, "they play concerts all over the world - and then, at the end, give audiences fresh vegetable soup."

Check out the full list at the Guardian.

What are the strangest instruments you've ever come across? Let us know in the comments.

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    Cheers for the Vegetable Orchestra! Haven't heard any Austrian contemporary music for a long time now
    The kazookeylele. It's a little 10 key toy piano with a ukulele neck bolted on, and a kazoo on the headstock.