Cavalera Conspiracy Album Update: 'Faster, Thrashier, Old Babylon Concept'

As Max notes, it's going to be thrashy one.

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Max Cavalera is currently gearing up to record a new Cavalera Conspiracy album, Blabbermouth reports. And, as the frontman reports, the new album is going to be a thrashy one:

"Pretty much, I have to get into Cavalera Conspiracy mode. I wanted the new album to be faster and thrashier with the concept of Old Babylon. As far as recording equipment, we use everything!

"We don't rely too much on Pro Tools like other bands. All Igor's tracks are live drums. The energy is all there and we play all the guitars and sing of top of it, so in a way, it's like the old ways of recording."

Cavalera also stated that he thinks the current Cavalera Conspiracy album could be the band's best record yet:

"There's pressure but I also like the challenge. I think it is the Cavalera Conspiracy's most and intense and fastest record yet. I am very proud of it."

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    I hope its will be more like their debut album, Blunt Force Trauma was great, but Inflikted was amazing.
    What, no comments on how Sepultura is being held hostage by your former bandmates this time Max?
    No, looks like it's just you going on about it.
    Give him a break, there's plenty of articles where Cavalera goes on and on about Sepultura being well, held hostage. Don't take life so seriously, man.
    You realize that Max answers questions he's asked right? He wouldn't go on rants about 'Scabultura' if he wasn't asked loaded questions by journalists. No matter how douchey his answers might be, blame yourself for going out of your way to read it. The only message you send is that asking Max questions like that gets traffic, he doesn't set the tone for the interview lol.
    Psycho Pigeon
    Is this guy still singing about how communism is best? (while making millions of dollars)
    trust me hes not making millions
    Psycho Pigeon
    He sold his house for 1.4 million, be quiet.
    Yeah, because everybody knows that's a straight up cash transfer where nothing is deducted with fees, taxes and exchange costs. You ****ing mongoloid. For the size of the land it was on, that's about average selling price. He's a smart man who bought it for a lot less.
    Cool! I hope it's more like the first album rather than the second though.