Celebrating Dimebag's Birthday: Here's 'Walk' Isolated Guitar Track

Pantera axe god would have been 48 today.

Celebrating Dimebag's Birthday: Here's 'Walk' Isolated Guitar Track
Today (August 20) marks the day when late great Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell would have turned 48.

Celebrating the icon, metal community collectively rose up in a myriad of tributes and honors. To pay some re-spect, we're bringing you the master at work - "Walk" guitar track awaits below.

As most of you would know, Dime co-founded Pantera way back in 1981, starting from early glam rock beginnings to becoming one of the ultimate greats.

He was shot dead onstage on December 8, 2004 in Columbus, Ohio.

See what the metal world had to say about Darrell and share your own tributes in the comments.

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    Even when Draiman is being respectful, his assumingly stuck caps lock makes everything he writes seem more comical than anything else.
    TBH it sounds almost identical if it had the bass in there too. Great song and cool tribute, but man that song has less bass than ...And Justice For All.
    Thats one ugly guitar tone.
    Really? I was just about to say how killer it still sounds. I mean the solo... you're trollin', right?
    How good a tone sounds is an opinion, not fact. Both of you are entitled to yours.
    Rebel Scum
    It is ugly sounding. Most of Dime's guitar tones were a bit too trebley for my liking but it certainly cuts through the track.
    Well, that's kind of the thing, isn't it? If you play in a band, you should mould your tone to sound good as part of the band, not a 'b3dr00m br00t4l' that sound slike ass when it's competing for sonic space with bass, drums, vocals and such.
    Matter of opinion dude. I personally think it's awesome. Dime is the reason I own a Randall RG100ES. That amp is just flat out smokin'!
    Not my kind of sound, but it certainly suits Pantera. Well, it was there sound after all
    Most boring riff of all time. Why couldn't we have gotten Fucking Hostile or Shattered or something cool?