Celebrity Pressure For Pussy Riot Release Grows

artist: Pussy Riot date: 09/20/2012 category: music news
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Celebrity Pressure For Pussy Riot Release Grows
The arrest of Russian punk band Pussy Riot has proved to be one of the most talked about news stories in recent weeks and has prompted widespread support for the band across the globe. Now, both Sinead O' Connor and Yoko Ono are calling for the band's release. As NME reports, Sinead O' Connor has written an open letter to President Vladimir Putin, which reads as follows: "I am someone who had direct experience, as you may have yourself, of what I choose to call The Holy Spirit. And I don't just believe but I KNOW that all people, from kings to presidents to singers to anyone, are intrinsically good in their souls. Except those who knowingly hurt children." She goes on to state that she wants the President to reduce the band's sentence to house arrest for the benefit of their children: "These children who have lost their mothers, Sir, they don't care about politics, or the band above mentioned, Sir, or hurting anyone," she writes. "They love their mummies. And you need them to grow up loving their country. And they are going to suffer intolerable agony for the rest of their lives if they can't have their mummies back as soon as possible." "No president has ever been brave enough to say the word "love" or "forgive." You never hear any politician say "love." Nor even the priests half the time. Please say it, Sir. Even just to yourself. Say "forgive." And let these children have their mums at home on house arrest immediately while the other legal issues are pending." Yoko Ono, meanwhile, has stated that the biennial LennonOno Grant For Peace will be awarded to five different activists and campaigners, including Pussy Riot. As NME notes, the grant awarded to Pussy Riot will be given - with the backing of Amnesty International - on September 21 in New York "in the hope that they will be released as soon as possible".
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