Century Media Lawsuit Update

A judge has rejected almost 1,000 subpoenas to identify pirates who downloaded a Lacuna Coil album. But what about the other 6,500 in the lawsuit?

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Music pirates who downloaded an album by Lacuna Coil may have a lucky escape after subpoenas from the label Century Media were rejected in court.

We previously reported on how 7,500 people who downloaded music by Lacuna Coil and Iced Earth were being targeted by the label and could have their identities revealed so they could face prosecution.

Now a New Jersey judge has rejected nearly 1,000 subpoenas relating to the Lacuna Coil album "Dark Adrenaline" because the case "improperly joins mass defendants together," according to Blabbermouth.

However, the judge admitted one subpoena for the John Doe who appears to be the original source of the torrent upload.

With 6,500 more people supposedly targeted by the lawsuit, anything could happen yet.

"It's tough," said Rebecca Jeschke, a spokeswoman for the Electronic Frontier Foundation at the time the lawsuit was filed. "If you get one of these letters you've been put in a difficult and unfair spot. In many of these situations the goal doesn't seem to be to fight infringement; it seems to be to get settlements. That's where the money-making is."

In this case it seems the judge is nudging the label towards targeting the initial distributors rather than making thousands from each individual downloader. Considering that several UG readers could still be affected by the lawsuit, we'll keep you updated on its progress.

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    It would suck if a person who downloaded the new LC album deleted it halfway through his/her first listen 'cause it sucked, and then taken to court.
    glad I only downloaded 1 song of lacuna coil.... i think... 5 years ago or something? I'm not really into either bands
    i forgot Architects is also on CM. i did down;oad a few of their songs back in june when their new album came out haha
    It's better to have your music heard rather than be completely ignored. Plus anymore this is how a lot of bands gain more fan support...people to get out there and buy their merch/tickets. Illegal yes...going to change no.
    Labels. If you have one, you won't get money for your albums (average contract is 5-15% of album PROFIT; so you must also make back the money they used on you first)Than they will sue your fans because they wont get as much money for themselves. If you don't have one. Well than good luck living off music. Or even counting it as a part time job for that matter.
    If they think this is going to increase profits in the long run then they're probably living in some kind of weird alternate reality.
    Everyone, stop being cheap pricks and pay for the music you listen to.
    Wait until they pull the "I'm a broke college student" card.
    Maximum damages allowed shluld be legal fees plus the cost of the album. This is a profit-driven scheme, plain and simple.
    If people download albums from bands they like, just remember when they come to your town, go see them live and buy the tour t-shirt, they'll make more money off that than a retail CD sale.
    Or if you want to be really nice, download the album, go see them live, then give them the amount of money the album would of cost in person.. They just made double the amount they would of done from your sale
    If you're going to sue, at least sue the website instead of the fans. But don't sue anyone, get over it and find a new way to make money.
    it sucks that your getting prosecuted for downloading music from a band that no one has heard of, thats why i download metallica and guns n roses music constantly
    I have read this comment at least six times and I still don't get it. Are you TRYING to get caught?
    You are more likely to get caught by downloading GnR and Metallica songs because they have way more money and label backing to prosecute downloaders. Smaller bands do not have the funds or backing to sue people.
    who ever is pres in 2013 needs to start making downloads aginst the law.thats why music industry sucks.if you want music buy a dam cd.i don't really care don't download or buy cd's etc.miss when music was good before dam computers and everyone could make a dam cd.
    I agree to an extent that pirating in some cases hurts up and coming bands. Two things though....I dont think larger bands, such as Metallica, for example, should complain so much. Most of there money is coming from touring. If it was more about defending smaller bands, and less about them being greedy, different story. Another thing, and Metallica falls into this, along with Korn, and Manson just to name a few....Why should I spend 15-20 bucks that I could spend else where on an album that there is a good possibility that is going to have one or good songs and a bunch of filler anyway. Is it fair to have to pay for crap. I bought Manson albums up until a couple albums ago, Metallica up until St. Anger came out, and Korn until See you on the other side, and needless to say the only worthwhile album to come out from any of them since then was born villain.
    " Is it fair to have to pay for crap." Oh please, you can listen to entire albums on Youtube these days. If you like it, buy it. Is it fair to download music from artists you genuinely enjoy without ever giving them anything in return? I mean, if you go to all their concerts and buy merch and stuff, fine, but you gotta give bands you like SOMETHING back.