Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne Got Married

The singer said her nuptials to the Nickelback frontman was a "crazy vacation."

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Avril Lavigne and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger have spoken about their wedding in France this week (July 1), NME reports.

The pair met when they worked together on Lavigne's forthcoming fifth album, which is set for release some time in 2013. They have been engaged since August 2012.

"I wanted to make sure it's a crazy vacation and an experience of a lifetime for our guests," Lavigne told Hello! magazine. "I've been planning this wedding for a really long time."

According to the magazine, the wedding took place on Monday and was attended by 110 people.

"When you've got that ring on your finger that you get to look at every single day, and you get to call that other person husband or wife, its a really special feeling," Kroeger said.

Back in April, Lavigne unveiled a new track "Here's to Never Growing Up" co-written with Kroeger. At the end of last year Lavigne unveiled her cover of the "How You Remind Me" by Nickelback, which will appear on the soundtrack to a new anime film "One Piece Film Z."

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    Divorced in four years or less
    Sleeping in
    Let's just hope that if they breed, their offspring don't go into the music business. God help us all.
    Whatever. Lets hope she never covers any more Metallica songs,... EVER!
    When they divorce Avril can give me a call. I'd marry her, even if only for a year or so when she realises I only wanted her for sex. And lots of it.
    What happened to normal wedding congratulations? So what if you don't like what music they make. It's still their marriage.
    its rare that celeb weddings last. but even though i dont listen to their music, getting married is awesome if you truly are in love. so fair play. good luck to 'em
    But she's so hot.... and he's Chad Kroeger.... Nickelback..
    Nickelback weren't that bad before h&n, songs like someday are hard to come by. I'm probably gonna get shredded, but just saying.
    Everyone on here hating is just jealous that he gets to bang Abril Lavigne and you don't. I don't like her music or his, it doesn't make her less hot.
    I'm openly jealous of whoever banged, is banging or will bang her in the future, but I'm not hating on them. Jokes aside, if Chad and Avril are happy with this and in love, then good for them.
    Yes, yes it does make her less hot. It's what on the inside that counts and seeing as how music is supposed to be honest expression in one way or another, we've kinda seen what's on the inside of her. It stinks. Congrats to the happy couple! Focus on your life and forget how to play music (shouldn't be hard for avril)
    Hell I'm happy for em *shrugs* Always been a Nickelback fan, not into Lavigne's music, but hey...If they're happy, that's all that matters.
    Same here. Liked Nickelback for years (except Photograph. Fucking terrible song) Don't care for Avril's music at all but they make each other happy so good luck to both of them
    Why do non US people hate Nickelback? Their music is great and heavy! US ppl hate them because they're Canadian, I don't get it. So congrats, both of u.
    Trust me, there's plenty of people that love Nickelback. Elvis Presley had just as much hate when he was around. So did KISS back in the 70's. The more a band is hated, the more popular they are.
    It's not because they're Canadians. It's because they're Nickelback. You don't hate Rush, do you?
    I think you've missed the fact that they write mediocre, watered-down songs that sound exactly the same as every other song that is played on the radio. Where they are from has nothing to do with why people hate them.
    I wonder the same thing. We should be directing our hatred toward Rascal Flats instead
    I'm sorry but the man puts no effort into making songs. He said himself that he just sits down and writes what he thinks will chart highly. Its because of performers like him (to call him an artist would be a travesty) that music charts like Billboard more closely resemble the Forbes 500.
    This "News" has very little effect on anyone's guitar playing, heh heh. It's pretty good news for us guys, though. Chad was on VH1's "Most fugly" list a while back...and now he is sharing a bed with Avril Lavigne! Lucky bastard.
    I hate these people. I have no rational, sensible or amicable reason to hate them. I just hate the c*nts!
    But you're saying that hating someone for no good reason doesn't make you a c*nt?
    Plottwist: He is refering to himself - He is the ****. He is Chad Kroeger.
    how much bad music could you put in one house??
    SniperWolf80mm · Jul 03, 2013 06:38 PM
    duuude Velvet Underground is good sh!t...lou reed is wicked.. maybe nicki minaj's basement? now that'd be just horrible.
    Steel Panther said they were going to play at their wedding. Satchel: "Yeah Chaz!!! OWWWWW!!!"
    was UG bought out by TMZ? What is this bullsh#t? This isn't news. This is pandering to the mainstream. Stop it UG, just....stop it.
    Still, I'd rather read this than any crappy Justin Bieber news that keeps getting posted on here. Him throwing up on stage or lashing out at photographers has barely anything to do with music
    It's still news... if they didn't post this up, then you would've have an excuse to throw a small bitch fit.
    Chad Kroeger is doing to marriage what he has done to music. Ruining it.
    Awh I'm sorry he ruined music for you. Is someone holding a gun to your head and forcing you to listen to them?
    Yes, society is forcing us to listen to Nickleback by playing it on the radio. I hate when I walk into a store and they have shitty mainstream music blasting.
    Oh no, music that isn't metal being played in a public place where everyone can hear? Shock horror!
    People like to hate on Kim and Kanye.. but God help us should their children get into the music business.
    The irony is I bet Avril has never worked in a bar in her life.
    What does that have to do with anything ?, I might be mistaken, but is that like a song reference or something ?
    It's a reference to how Nickelback picked their name, although a somewhat non-ironic one.
    But he worked at Starbucks, not a bar. At least according to Wikipedia, i don't know shit about Nickelback. I still don't get it.
    Steel Panther was supposed to make that wedding fun... But Avril said that she didnt want a bunch of fags at her wedding... Screw her
    I'm a Nickelback fan and I don't know what to think. I liked their first five albums with the exception of Photograph. That just wasn't good. I liked most of Dark Horse and I tolerated some of their last album. I just hope this wedding doesn't make them go too soft.
    Avril: You are a genius for making Hell Song! Deryck: LOL. I just got the melody from How you remind me by Nickelback. And then.. They broke up.
    The only part of this wedding I cared about was Steel Panther playing, and I see no mention of that...